Education and Counseling Services

The Marlborough faculty and staff take very seriously their role in providing a safe and supportive environment in which students learn and lead each day. Those involved in nurturing a student’s academic goals, health, and well-being (parents, teachers, psychologists, and administrators) work as a team, together with the student, when questions or problems arise. Beyond that network of trusted adults, Marlborough also provides a number of resources to support students during difficult and challenging times.

School Psychologists

Upper School students may speak with their divisional school psychologist, Dr. Marisa LaDuca Crandall, and Middle School students have access to the school psychologist for Middle School, Morgan Duggan. Both psychologists are available full time to provide support to students, teachers, and parents. The school psychologists are able to provide a safe, private place on campus for a student to talk about whatever is on her mind. Often, having the opportunity to think out loud, along with someone who is trained to think with you, can be very helpful in developing a broader range of options for conflict or problem resolution.

Advisory Program

The student-advisor partnership can be one of the most meaningful and valued relationships of a student’s career.

Regina Rosi Mitchell,
Assistant Division Director And Dean Of Student Life

At Marlborough, students are encouraged to build meaningful relationships with each other and with the adults in their lives. To this end, students are placed into advising groups and with advisors for the entirety of their time in each division (i.e. a student will be in the same advising group with the same advisor in grades 7-9 and then in 10-12). In addition to relationship building, the Advisory curriculum strives to foster the student’s awareness of her own social, emotional, and cognitive development. This program also stresses the importance of and provides assistance with the development of healthy and effective life skills such as anti-harassment skills, self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, healthy relationship skills, and overall thoughtful decision-making in the real and virtual worlds.

Students Supporting Students

Peers Are Listening
Mental Health Awareness Program

Yoga & Meditation

If you feel like you don't have time for yoga, practice yoga and you will feel like you have more time.

The fast paced lifestyle that most of us are immersed in can take it's toll on the body, mind and spirit leaving us frazzled and overwhelmed. This is why it's important to press "pause" and take a little time on a regular basis to center yourself in the present moment. Renewal takes place in the NOW.

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to join Christine Burke (Co-Owner of Liberation Yoga studio) for lunchtime yoga and meditation.

The Tuesday mixed level yoga class will de-stress, invigorate and relax students during the school day. The class style varies according to the season, and what's happening at school. It includes classes that give an energy boost, soothes, increases focus and enhances creativity.

The Thursday Breath and Meditation class is a guided meditation with breath practices designed to soothe, restore, balance and renew. Everyone is welcome and a change of clothes is not necessary.

What could be more convenient than yoga at school at lunch?!