Student Organizations

Student Government

The mission of Marlborough Student Government is to emphasize ethics and integrity, encourage school spirit within and among classes, serve as a liaison between students and faculty and the broader community, and enhance the quality of education by involving the student body in the arts, athletics, community outreach, equity and inclusion, and environmental programs that build citizenship and community. Members meet twice per week to plan class meetings, discuss school traditions, and address community needs.

All-School Council
Class Council
Campus Environmental Council
Athletics Council
Arts Council
Student Equity and Inclusion Council
Community Outreach Council
Communications Council


Marlborough students interests are wide spread. Clubs provide learning beyond the classroom. With more than 50 clubs to choose from, these student-based school organizations are a space for students to cultivate leadership skills and teamwork. Clubs are run by student leaders with faculty sponsorship. There are clubs ranging from social justice to arts to professional development. Clubs are widely diverse and are inclusive to social justice, arts & cultural, political, and recreational interests.

Girls Go Global
Third Street Tutoring
Remote Car Club

Additional current clubs include:

Chance 2 Dance
DJ Club
Explore L.A.
Fashion Club
Singer-Songwriter Club
Fantasy Football Club
The Tide Riders Surf Club
Outdoor Wilderness League

Entrepreneurship Club
The Investment Club
Adopt an Embassy
Para Los Niños
School on Wheels
Violets for Veterans, Soldiers, and their Families
Chess Club
Science Olympiad