Community Partnerships and Social Justice

I want to create true service learning moments that integrate meaningful community service with reflection to enrich the girls' learning experience.
Pamela Wright
Community Outreach Program Head

In addition to voluntary community outreach efforts that vary by student based on her individual passion, Marlborough girls are exposed to in-class service learning through guest speakers, field trips, and class volunteer events. These opportunities allow students to synthesize complex social justice issues in a more tangible manner.

Capstone Projects
Moving Meals
Parent/Daughter Service Days
Class Service Project Days

Over 60% of Marlborough students voluntarily dedicate their time in support of their communities. Learn more about a few of them below.

 Hayden H. ‘21
Bella M. '23
Zoe W. '18
Charlotte G. '19

Violets Giving Circle

Violets’ Giving Circle (VGC) is a student-initiated, donor advised philanthropic organization committed to furthering the educational opportunities of underprivileged women and girls in the Los Angeles area.

Our board consists entirely of Marlborough juniors and seniors, providing leadership opportunities for members while benefiting the community at large.

Our goal is to learn the practice of philanthropy while advocating for the community. We carefully review grant proposals and conduct site visits in order to allocate the money we raise to organizations that we feel match our mission statement.

Through corporate sponsorship, private donations, and school wide fundraisers VGC has donated over $200,000 to organizations supporting underprivileged women and girls in Los Angeles.

Our main fundraising event is a fashion show hosted every two years to raise funds to donate during granting years. Our fashions shows consist of student designs, silent and live auctions, and local vendors.

Social Justice

The Community Outreach Program creates opportunities for students to evolve from volunteers to change agents. Students dedicated to social justice help build greater empathy and a deeper understanding across all grade levels. As an individual volunteer or club member, students are encouraged to explore and develop a deeper understanding of social justice issues and human rights concerns.

Our student-led affinity groups explore subjects such as cultural appropriation, identity, microaggressions, inclusion and exclusion; the faculty Equity and Inclusion Committee supports the students in these efforts: we provide discussion, collaboration, and a public forum for students to raise their concerns effectively in the school community. In the past, these have included all-school assemblies, advisory discussions, and Pushing Perspectives. We value student voices: our affinity groups are thoughtful and powerful, and encourage all of us at Marlborough to become more engaged with, aware of and tolerant of all of the identities on campus and beyond.