Social Justice and Community Partnerships

At Marlborough, we inspire young women to become change agents. By helping to connect them with issues and organizations that align with their passions and skills, students learn how to make a lasting, meaningful difference in the world around them. Along the way they build greater empathy, a deeper understanding of important social justice and human rights concerns, and the knowledge that they have both the power and the responsibility to use their voices in service to and in support of others.

With two full-time employees leading work fueled by students and weaving it through our curriculum as well as our advisory program, the Social Justice and Community Partnerships Department is guided by the following principles:

Violets Giving Circle

Violets’ Giving Circle (VGC) is a student-initiated, donor advised philanthropic organization committed to furthering the educational opportunities of underprivileged women and girls in the Los Angeles area.

Our board consists entirely of Marlborough juniors and seniors, providing leadership opportunities for members while benefiting the community at large.

Our goal is to learn the practice of philanthropy while advocating for the community. We carefully review grant proposals and conduct site visits in order to allocate the money we raise to organizations that we feel match our mission statement.

Through corporate sponsorship, private donations, and school wide fundraisers VGC has donated over $200,000 to organizations supporting underprivileged women and girls in Los Angeles.

Our main fundraising event is a fashion show hosted every two years to raise funds to donate during granting years. Our fashions shows consist of student designs, silent and live auctions, and local vendors.

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Tune in to hear about the range of programs and opportunities that the department offers in Episode 5 of the Marlborough: Learning Together at a Distance podcast where Dr. Atwell,  Dean of Student Research, talks with Ms. Wright, Dean of Social Justince, and Mr. Espinoza, Community Partnership Program Head. 

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