Senior Celebration

Get to Know the Class of 2020!


Class Colors: Cornflower Blue, Baby Blue, Apparition White

Before they leave the Middle School, 9th graders select their Class Colors and Song. They carry the colors with them through Upper School and sing their song at various School celebrations.

"For our colors we chose two different shades of blue, cornflower blue, baby blue, and apparition white. We chose the colors to show our unity as a class, but how each of us are different in our own way." - Nicole G. '20

Class Song: Where You Lead by Carole King

"Our song, "Where You Lead," is a perfect representation of how all of us are always there for each other, no matter what. This has been a tradition for many years and we are proud to uphold this custom as the class of 2020. All of us are so close and I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of young women. " - Nicole G. '20

Class Banner: "A Vision for the Future: 2020"

10th Grade students create and present a banner embodying the best characteristics of their class. The banner moves with them and is then proudly displayed in the Senior Lounge when the class becomes seniors.

"Our banner represents our vision. Although the future may seem blurry right now, we know that everything will eventually come into focus. Created in our class colors of apparition white and shades of blue, the banner portrays the number 2020 with eyes making up the zeros. The eye chart above spells out the phrase, 'A vision for the future.'" - Julia E. '20

Class Mascot: Perry the Platypus

Each senior class selects and presents a fictional figure that symbolizes their collective identity

The Class of 2020 chose Perry the Platypus from the hit Disney show Phineas and Ferb. Just like the seniors, Perry is the loyal, problem-solving, fedora-rocking hero our world needs. 

Senior Tribute Assembly

To celebrate their last official last day of classes, our students, senior parents, faculty, and staff shared lovely tributes to the Class of 2020 in our All-School Assembly. Click on the video to watch.