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Guest Speakers

Push Your Perspectives

We live in a complex world that requires thoughtful exchanges. With a shared interest in empathy and understanding, the Marlborough community leans into powerful conversations that deepen our appreciation of each other and inform us as world citizens.

Integral to this work is exposure to a wide range of enlightening and inspiring outside voices - speakers and leaders who add to a diversity of experience and points of view for our students. We offer weekly opportunities for students to learn from others and share their talents and knowledge, be it from our all-school assemblies or our lunchtime Pushing Perspectives speaker series. Such opportunities allow students to connect, reflect, learn, question, and push beyond what they think they know about each other and the world around them.

Guest Speakers

From Secretaries of State to Senators, and entrepreneurs to environmentalists, Marlborough has been fortunate to welcome a number of inspirational speakers to campus. Click below for a list of guests by academic year.