Student Life

The well-rounded Marlborough experience features a rich and robust student life program. With over 50 student-led clubs, affinity groups (AACE, Alliance, EAST, OLE, Mosaic), and numerous opportunities for leadership in student government, community outreach, social justice, and entrepreneurship, our student life program offers something for everyone. If a student wants to start something new that doesn’t exist? No problem—we provide her with the support she needs to make it happen. Student life is where connections are made, leadership skills are learned, lifelong bonds are forged, and perspectives are pushed. We invite you to explore the student life section and learn more about the day-to-day Marlborough experience.

A Legacy of Tradition

For more than 125 years and through nine successive heads of school, Marlborough has nurtured and cherished a number of traditions, each holding its own unique place in the life of the school, its students and alumnae.

Big Sister/Little Sister/Twin Sister

Each new student is paired up with a “Big Sister” or "Twin Sister" who welcomes her to Marlborough and helps orient her to her new school.

Daughters' Day Picnic

An annual event since 1954, Marlborough students and their dads (or favorite father-figures) enjoy a day filled with food and friendly competition.

Pumpkin Day

A carnival-like atmosphere takes over the School each Halloween as students, teachers, and administrators turn out in costume for a parade and contest.

Class Colors and Class Song

Before they leave the Middle School, 9th graders select their Class Colors and Song. They carry the colors with them through Upper School and sing their song at various School celebrations.

Pin Ceremony

To celebrate their completion of Middle School, 9th graders are given a Marlborough School pin at a special ceremony at the end of the year.

Banner Presentation

10th Grade students create and present a banner embodying the best characteristics of their class. The banner moves with them and is then proudly displayed in the Senior Lounge when the class becomes seniors.

Ring Ceremony

Marking the passage into their final school year, juniors are presented their School rings by seniors in a formal evening ceremony. The design of Marlborough’s school ring dates back to the early 1920s.

Mascot Presentation

Each senior class selects and presents a class mascot--a fictional figure that symbolizes the identity of the graduates. Recent mascots have included Madeline, the Pink Panther, Wonder Woman, Curious George, and the Lorax.

Student Publications

Journalists and creative writers at all grade levels are the driving force behind a variety of student publications that are distributed through print, online and broadcast systems.

Working under the supervision of a media professional with 20 years of experience in publishing, advertising and entertainment, students have many opportunities to participate in publications by writing articles, interviewing students and faculty, shooting photos, producing video segments, and submitting art work and creative writing.

Starting with Media Content Creation in Middle School, students are trained in a variety of media including online and video content. Projects range from investigative journalism to photojournalism to interactive storytelling to podcasts. A small media studio supports the girls’ efforts providing a flexible space to realize their visions.

Student publications is a unique program in that it is completely student run. Advisors provide instruction and guidance, but decisions on content as well as production are completely student-crafted providing real-world experience that is invaluable to future endeavors.

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