Welcoming Back our Mustangs!

Welcoming Back our Mustangs!

On Monday, August 29, Marlborough welcomed 530 students and 140 faculty and staff to campus for the first day of the 2022-2023 school year.

Welcoming Back our Mustangs!

On August 29, students, staff, and faculty arrived on campus joyfully marking the first day of the 2022-2023 school year. Voices rang with excitement, plenty of laughter, and well wishes for a successful year as students embraced, some seeing each other for the first time in three months, while those newer to the community navigated the start of a fresh chapter in their academic journey. With 530 students and 140 faculty and staff back on campus, the Marlborough community is officially reunited.

Beginning the day with the first of many All-School Meetings in Caswell Hall, Noah J. ’23 welcomed the community in her new role as this year’s Assembly Coordinator. The All-School Council followed shortly, making their introductions to raucous applause from all in attendance. Special note was made of the newests positions on All-School Council: two Wellbeing Representatives. The creation of this position further underscores the importance of and commitment to students’ mental and physical health throughout their time at Marlborough. 

Athena S. ’23, this year’s All-School President, addressed the crowd, drawing comparisons between Marlborough and her summer adventures summiting Mt. Whitney. She noted that while parts of one’s time at Marlborough – or climbing a mountain – may feel challenging and tough, pushing through those moments to experience the sense of accomplishment and community is always worth it. Following her uplifting message, Athena introduced Ms. Jennifer Ciccarelli, Marlborough’s 9th Head of School.

In her first address to students as the Head of School, Ms. Ciccarelli shared her excitement and gratitude for her new role leading Marlborough. After welcoming the student body, she discussed the theme for the year, selected from Marlborough’s seven core values: Stand with Others. “To stand with others requires conscious choice,” Ms. Ciccarelli said. “To Stand with Others, we must support one another – in agreement and disagreement, in good times and in tough times. And most importantly, when someone is standing alone, we must join that lone person; to stand in our common humanity is the work of all of us.” Ms. Ciccarelli also placed an emphasis on the importance of reconnecting this year and the chance to reaffirm the connections that make the Marlborough culture and community unique and strong.

The All-School Meeting closed with students and staculty vehemently singing the Alma Mater and everyone heading off to their first class of the day. Just like that, another school year at Marlborough is fully underway. May it be a successful, fulfilling, and joyous year for all!

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