The Start of a Marlborough Journey – Violets 101

The Start of a Marlborough Journey – Violets 101

Violets 101 provides our newest community members with the tools and knowledge to feel comfortable and confident heading into the first days of school.

The Start of a Marlborough Journey – Violets 101

102 incoming students from 7th – 10th Grade gathered on campus for community building, workshops, and fun as part of Marlborough’s student orientation program, Violets 101. Faculty, staff, and student volunteers helped welcome the newest members of our community, guiding them on a three-day adventure to help them feel comfortable and confident as they begin their Marlborough journey.

Rotating through five workshops in intimate groups, students were able to experience a sneak preview of life within our classrooms and forge friendships among their peers. The workshops ranged from logistical – organizational tips, technology tutorials, and class finding with older students – to more introspective topics, such as the opportunity to explore individual identity or to consider what personal excellence means to them. By day three, incoming Violets felt more at home, spending most of the day in community with student volunteers. 

Ms. Kendall Beeman, 7th Grade Dean, History Instructor, and New Student Coordinator, said that she hopes that those who experience Violets 101 “feel as though Marlborough is now their school.” She reflected on the impact of spreading the orientation out of the course of three days and shared, “I love seeing students gain confidence each day they are here. On the first day, many students are nervous and unsure about who to talk to or what to do. By the last day, they have grown more at ease both personally and on campus, and have created initial connections with new friends.” 

New to the Violets 101 schedule this year is allowing more time for returning students to lead workshops with incoming Violets so that they can build connections with one another. Ms. Beeman noted how proud she was of our student volunteers for stepping into this leadership role with such energy and care. She said, “This year, we had over 120 student volunteers who were so welcoming to younger students and incoming students within their own grade. It was great to see their enthusiasm for this school.”

As the programming wrapped up on the third day, a truly memorable Marlborough moment occurred: a group of returning students taught incoming students the lyrics and tune of the alma mater. Together, they sang their hearts out, and everyone could feel the Marlborough spirit in the room. 

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