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Thirty Marlborough Students Earned Special Recognition on The National Latin Exam

Isabel A. '20 earned Gold Summa cum Laude. Congratulations to all who took the exam!

The National Latin Exam is taken by students of Latin at all different levels in all 50 states and 16 foreign countries. Two-thirds of the Marlborough students who took the exam received special recognition certificates. Congratulations to all who took the exam!

Latin IA:
Outstanding Achievement: Olivia F. '22, Julianne H. '22, Neve O. '22, Shine P. '22, Maisie W. '22
Achievement: Matilda C. '22, Ella P.'22, Josephine W. '21

Latin IB:
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Katherine B. '21, Francoise M. '21, Elizabeth S. '21, Lael W. '21

Latin IC:
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Riley S. '20

Latin II:
Gold Summa cum Laude: Isabel A. '20 (perfect score!)
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Talia A. '20, Miranda S. '20, Ashira W. '20,
Cum Laude: Sophia A. '20

Latin III Honors:
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Olivia W. '19
Magna cum Laude: Kelsey F. '19, Sophia K. '19, Eve M. '19
Cum Laude: Emma S. '19

Latin IV Honors:
Gold Summa cum Laude: Sarah L. '18, Isabel M. '18
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Juliette M. '20, Malaika N. '20
Magna cum Laude: Bridget O. '18
Cum Laude: Isabel Nicole B. '18

AP Latin:
Cum Laude: Madison T. '17

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