The Fairs Come to Town

The Fairs Come to Town

Students build community at the Student Identity-Based Group Fair and Club Fair.

The Fairs Come to Town

Marlborough students began the past two Mondays by participating in our first-ever Student Identity-Based Group Fair on September 12 and the school’s annual Club Fair on September 19. Each fair created an atmosphere of belonging and community as the East Atrium buzzed with chatter and information about the ways in which every student could get involved. Student leaders tabled for their respective organizations, excitedly sharing their group’s purpose and mission statement in the hopes to add enthusiastic members of the student body to their roster.

This was the first year a separate fair was hosted for Student Identity-Based Groups. Student Identity-Based Groups include both affinity groups and work groups. Affinity groups focus on a marginalized or underrepresented social identity. Work groups explore a specific privileged social identity and work towards justice and reducing harm. Highlighting these groups with a dedicated event allowed students to more clearly see the options available to them that might align with their own identities. Marlborough’s Student Identity-Based Groups include:

  • AACE for Black and African-American students
  • Alliance for queer students and allies 
  • ASA for Armenian students
  • EAST for Asian American Pacific Islander students 
  • Kehilah for Jewish students 
  • MIX for multiracial students 
  • MOSAIC for Middle Eastern/North African students 
  • NDAC for Neurodivergent students 
  • OLÉ for Latinx students 
  • SAVA for South Asian students 
  • Unlearn, an antiracist work group for white and white-passing students

The Club Fair, held just one week later, offered students the opportunity to get involved with additional student organizations, meet peers with similar passions, discover new interests, and add a bit of fun to their Marlborough experience. Involvement in one or multiple clubs provide students with learning that extends beyond the classroom, and serve as spaces in which students hone their collaboration and leadership skills. With nearly 90 organizations from which to choose, students are sure to find something that speaks to their interests. From politics and social awareness to arts, science, and athletics, the options are endless. A small selection from the extensive roster of Marlborough’s clubs include:

  • Girls Go Global
  • FemSTEM
  • Badminton Club
  • Feminists for Education
  • Sign Language Club
  • Gaming Club
  • Feminists Advancing Change through Entrepreneurship and Startups (FACES)

As the school year gets underway, membership to identity groups and clubs serve as important touchpoints for students as they take advantage of the full Marlborough experience, immersing themselves in all aspects of the community, and connecting with like-minded, passionate peers. 

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