Brave, Bold, and Bright: The Class of 2024

Brave, Bold, and Bright: The Class of 2024

On May 30, against the backdrop of the white brick of campus gleaming in the bright sunshine, Marlborough School filled with excitement and pride as the community celebrated our 132nd Commencement. Faculty, staff, families, loved ones, alumnae, and members of the Board of Trustees gathered to honor the graduates of the Class of 2024 in a joyful graduation ceremony. Marking the culmination of the class’ Marlborough journey, this meaningful ceremony celebrated the achievements and successes of the graduates while looking ahead to the boundless potential that awaits them in their next chapters.

This year’s Commencement featured moving speeches from Marlborough’s Board Chair, student leaders, and the Head of School. In her opening address, Board Chair Missy Mingst Kolsky ’87 reminded the Class of 2024 of the meaning behind this exciting milestone. She said, “A Marlborough diploma is not just a piece of paper—it’s a tangible symbol of your wisdom, integrity, passion, and resilience. You have every reason to be extremely proud of your achievements.” She also encouraged graduates to embrace each step of their journey with an attitude of “yes,” living life with an open mind, courage, and curiosity. Ms. Kolsky ’87 also highlighted the importance of a lifelong connection to Marlborough and the ways in which this community will always be here to cheer them on. She shared, “Graduates, as you stride confidently into your future, know that each one of us here today is cheering you on and saying yes. Yes to your brave, bold, bright future and your immeasurable potential.”

Eloise Perfitt ’24, Senior Class President, offered insight into the ways the Class of 2024 is already cheering each other on and helping their peers reach their full potential. In her speech, she shared a memory that exemplifies her class’ spirit of perseverance, teamwork, and unity. She recounted an all-night t-shirt making effort in preparation for Spirit Week, during which classmates formed an assembly line to produce enough custom shirts for the entire class. “On that night,” she remembered, “each member of the Class of 2024 worked toward a common goal. We gained the knowledge that we can lean on each other and that we will always be there to support one another.”

All-School President Cassidey Fralin ’24 further emphasized the power of her classmates by celebrating individuals’ remarkable talents, achievements, and potential. She named classmates’ successes across diverse arenas—from academic research and award-winning dramatic works to athletic feats and social justice initiatives. “I have only been able to scratch the surface in describing the incredible members of the Class of 2024,” Cassidey said. “We have shown determination, and cultivated resilience, creativity, and empathy—qualities that let me know we are not just stepping into the world but are ready to shape it.”

Even as these new alumnae step into the world to affect change, graduation is inherently a time for reflecting on the years gone by during their time at Marlborough. Valedictorian Wyeth Renwick ’24 offered poignant and emotionally resonant words as she reflected on the bittersweet feelings surrounding this time of transition. She shared how embracing the inherently limited nature of their Marlborough journey lent profound urgency and meaning to each shared experience and moment of connection. “Because our time together is inherently limited, our attention is a scarce resource…an economic commodity,” she mused. “What we spend our time on determines what has value.”

Head of School Jennifer Ciccarelli addressed the graduates in an inspiring speech. She drew parallels between her own appreciation for and love of literature—specifically Shakespeare—as a grounding force in her life and the Class of 2024’s Marlborough experience. She said, “Much like Shakespeare’s abiding influence, Marlborough has stood the test of time, adapting to the needs of each generation while staying true to the core of who we are.” She encouraged the graduates to “build upon the foundations laid for you” as they move forward as empowered leaders who will affect positive change wherever their journeys take them.

These rousing speeches were punctuated by performances by Marlborough’s Chamber and Concert Choirs. In what has become a beloved tradition at Marlborough Commencement ceremonies, they sang “Irish Blessing” and the audience was visibly moved by the beautiful performance. The Seniors of Chamber Choir then performed “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, a song they chose specifically for this occasion. Finally, each graduate crossed the stage to receive their hard-earned diplomas. With each name that was called, the magnitude of their achievement was met with thunderous applause and roaring cheers from their loved ones. When the final diploma had been conferred, Ms. Ciccarelli encouraged the audience to “bask in the optimism and potential that emanates from Marlborough’s newest alumnae, the Class of 2024.”

The final part of this tradition-filled ceremony was for the Class of 2024 to sing their class song, which they selected in 9th Grade as part of the Colors Ceremony: “Story of My Life” by One Direction. For their graduation, the Class of 2024 made special plans. Accompanied by Natalie Cadow ’24 and Maya Jen ’24 on violins and Alexis Cai ’24 on piano, the whole class sang their song with their arms wrapped around each other. The version they performed was arranged specifically for this occasion by Alexis, and Emmi Moelleken ’24 conducted the entire group. It was a true testament to all that was shared in the speeches—this is truly a collaborative, thoughtful, community-minded class. 

As the Class of 2024 descended from the stage, recessing amongst family and loved ones, their future brimmed with possibilities. Closing the ceremony, Ms. Ciccarelli offered this send-off:

As you step into this next chapter of your lives, know that your Marlborough family is eagerly anticipating all you will accomplish. We cannot wait to see the impact you will have on the world. We will be cheering you on at every step of the journey. Marlborough will always be here for you—a place to return to, a community that supports you. This will always be home. Once a Violet, always a Violet

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In the image that accompanies this article, the Class of 2024 toss their caps in the air. Most of them look up towards the caps with expressions of happiness and glee.

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