Students Complete 848 Competitive Debate Rounds This Year

With the completion of our Middle School State Tournament this past weekend, Marlborough Debate's competitive season has come to a close.

This year Marlborough students (Upper and Middle) competed in 848 competitive debate rounds (103 more rounds than last year) spread over 28 tournaments, which altogether comprise more than 62 competition days. This equates to approximately 268.5 hours of competitive speaking. In reality, each debate round is more work than that, because the students prepare at the tournament before each round, and even when they are not speaking they are intensely listening to track the other side's arguments and plan their refutations and rebuttal strategy. All in, our students spent about 1,272 hours competitively debating, or 53 full days. These figures don't include the time they spend practicing and researching at school and at home, and between rounds at tournaments. Needless to say, I couldn't be more proud of their efforts or more grateful for your support.

In particular, please congratulate our two graduating seniors and team captains, Mia C. '18 and Zoe W. '18. In their time at Marlborough, Mia represented us at 50 debate tournaments, and Zoe at 42 that is approximately 200 days spent at debate tournaments. Combined, they participated in 549 debates; that is 791.5 hours of competitive debating, the equivalent of 33 full days. They are students of remarkable character whose influence will be felt long after they are gone, and we are forever grateful for the contributions they have made to the program.

We are also saying goodbye this year to assistance coach Michael O'Krent, who is moving to the East Coast for grad school. In his four years at Marlborough, Michael has coached students through 2,716 debates in approximately 100 tournaments. His coaching skills, generosity, and good humor will be enormously missed, and we thank him for everything he has given Marlborough Debate.

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