Strong Performance By Debate Team at Harvard-Westlake Invitational

Senior Captain Mia C. '18 reached double-octofinal elimination round while the novice squad won 60% of debates.

Over the weekend the Marlborough Debate Team performed well at the Harvard-Westlake Invitational.

It was a particularly strong weekend for senior captain Mia C. '18. On Thursday and Friday, Mia was invited to participate in a prestigious Round Robin tournament against some of the best debaters in the country. Then during the main tournament on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Mia earned a 5-1 record in preliminary rounds (including a big win over one of the nation's best debaters) and reached the double-octofinal elimination round, which is just one round short of a bid to the TOC.

It was also a strong tournament for our novice squad as well, which won 60% of its debates. In particular please congratulate the following students:

Emma Y. '21 earned a 4-1 record and reached the quarterfinals.

Isabella W. '21 earned a winning record and reached the quarterfinals.

Olivia F. '22 earned a winning record and just missed clearing to elimination rounds on speaker points (an impressive feat for an 8th grader in a high school tournament). 

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