Gratitude in Action: Staff Appreciation Days

Gratitude in Action: Staff Appreciation Days

At Marlborough, the dedication of our staff and faculty creates an exceptional learning environment for students every single day. Many behind-the-scenes heroes also contribute significantly to our community, including the bus drivers who ensure safe transportation and facilities and custodial teams who maintain our beautiful campus. This year, the Presidents’ Council decided to shine a light on these vital staff members by implementing Staff Appreciation Days, hosting special celebrations for bus drivers, Café M staff, the facilities and custodial crew, and security officers. 

“At Marlborough, the dedication and kindness of the staff have profoundly impacted my experience, inspiring me to express my gratitude,” said Cassidey F. ’24, All-School President. “I saw an opportunity to formalize this sentiment and involve the entire school community in celebrating and thanking our amazing staff members.” On each appreciation day, students wrote personalized thank-you notes and decorated the campus with signs featuring pictures of the honored staff, each wearing shiny gold paper crowns. The outpouring of gratitude clearly resonated with each of the recognized individuals. 

Mr. Hooks from the security team expressed just how meaningful this token of recognition felt. He told Cassidey: “I was so moved by the appreciation letters that I plan on framing them.” This initiative was similarly impactful for students who got involved. “The genuine enthusiasm from students was incredible,” shared Taryn A. ’25, 11th Grade Class President. Ellie L. ’29, 7th Grade Class President observed, “Everyone was so happy to participate and it showed how much everyone cares for the staff.”

These appreciation days provided a tangible way for students to express their gratitude for these staff members’ daily contributions. As Lucia S.G. ’27 put it, “It really lifted everyone’s moods.” Looking ahead, the Presidents’ Council hopes to continue this new tradition for years to come, no matter who is elected to Student Council. 

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In the image that accompanies this article, Ms. Gonzalez smiles widely and poses with her headshot that has been decorated with a crown.

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