Rewarding Challenges and Moments of Joy

Rewarding Challenges and Moments of Joy

Campus has come alive once again with the echoes of student voices in the hallway, the clanking of lockers opening and closing, and the rustle of textbooks being opened for the first time. The 2023-2024 school year is officially underway!

The Class of 2024 first arrived on campus for Senior Sunrise, unveiling a Senior Lounge that had been meticulously designed over the summer by their parents. Their vision turned into reality, creating a space that reflects the Seniors’ personality. The excitement continued as they then welcomed the rest of the student body, waving purple pom poms and sharing cheers that resonated with the spirit of the new school year. The halls echoed with shouts of “Happy first day of school!” and “Welcome to Marlborough!” from Seniors as returning Violets reunited with friends while incoming students embarked on their first day of their Marlborough journey. The palpable energy continued as all 530 students and the entire staculty gathered in Caswell Hall for the Opening All-School Meeting.

The All-School Meeting began with a welcome from the 2023-2024 All-School Council. Each Council member introduced themselves and their roles, sharing traditions they are eagerly looking forward to – like Pumpkin Day and Purple Pride athletics events to Earth Week, Winterfest, and Spirit Week – and painting a vivid picture of school life. Addressing the community, All-School President Cassidey F. ’24 extended her greetings and ushered in the new school year. Her formula for success was simple but profound: a blend of hard work with the joyful moments that enrich each student’s unique Marlborough experience. “Each day at Marlborough we challenge ourselves, work hard, step out of our comfort zones, and flex our brains,” Cassidey emphasized. She then reminded the community, “Your All-School Council and school administrators fill our year with thrilling events and opportunities to look forward to that make you feel acknowledged for all that you contribute to our school.”

Cassidey offered a bit of advice to new and returning students: “If you are feeling nervous, just know that there is so much on the horizon in the spirit of enhancing your experience, comfort, and enthusiasm about Marlborough.” With her promise to consistently remind the community of all of the wonderful things ahead, Cassidey concluded her address, emphasizing the shared commitment to infuse the coming year with happiness, hope, and an eagerness for what is to come.

Head of School Jennifer Ciccarelli then took the stage to offer her own welcome to the community. She discussed the core value she and the Senior Leadership Team selected to highlight for the year ahead: Act with Integrity. She shared, “At Marlborough, acting with integrity can help to ensure that our community stays whole and strong.” Ms. Ciccarelli summarized the myriad ways to define acting with integrity, highlighting that it involves identifying your own personal values and knowing what you consider to be right and true. She acknowledged the challenge of acting with integrity, especially when it means standing against the tide or differing from a close friend. Like a muscle that strengthens with use, she highlighted the importance of practicing integrity, cultivating a virtue that resonates both within the community and beyond. 

The Opening All-School Meeting came to a close after the entire student body cheerfully sang the alma mater. Students headed to their first Homeroom of the year– a new addition to the schedule that fosters daily connections with their Advisors and provides a positive, energizing buffer to the start of the school day. Following Homeroom, students dove right into a full schedule of classes. Teachers reviewed course syllabi, began instruction, and even assigned a bit of homework. There is not a moment to waste as another rewarding, rigorous, and joyful year begins at Marlborough.

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