Renewing Our Commitment to the Community Pledge

Renewing Our Commitment to the Community Pledge

Students and staculty reaffirm their commitment to the Community Pledge at an All-School Council-led ASM.

Renewing Our Commitment to the Community Pledge

The Community Pledge articulates the guiding principles and expectations of all community members. At Marlborough, we strive for and uphold a school community that inspires and promotes honor, trust, individual responsibility, and mutual respect. All community members—students and adults alike—are expected to be responsible, accountable, and engaged members of the Marlborough community, on and off campus.

I pledge to: 
Stand with others 
Champion inclusion
Aim high 
Trust in myself 
Act with integrity
Be kind 
Cultivate purpose

Marlborough’s Community Pledge, which includes a commitment to each of our core values, serves as one of the most important pillars of our community. It serves as our guard rails and our collective moral compass. Each year, the Marlborough community renews its commitment to the Community Pledge and core values during an All-School Meeting (ASM). This year’s ASM, led by the All-School Council, emphasized the significance of the pledge as our guiding principles. 

All-School Community Partnerships Representative Hope L. ’24 reminded us that upholding the pledge fosters an environment of respect, responsibility, trust, and honor and highlighted the core value of the year: Act with Integrity. Hope shared, “Acting with integrity expands beyond just the academic space. It extends to activities you are involved in and the relationships with other people on campus.”

All-School Communications Representative Abigail K. ’24 delved into the meaning of integrity – being honest with oneself and others, showing respect, acknowledging our mistakes, and committing to do better in the future. It also necessitates staying true to yourself and remembering your values. All-School Athletics Representative Lior R. ’24 explored how integrity manifests at school, emphasizing the importance of the Honor Pledge and representing Marlborough both on and off-campus. As Lior encouraged us to practice the honor pledge together, a chorus of voices echoed: “I pledge to trust in myself and act with integrity.” Lior reminded students that their actions represent the entire Marlborough community, whether on or off campus. She offered, “Make sure you’re holding yourself to a high standard and treating yourself with respect knowing that you are representing the greater Marlborough community to anyone who sees you – whether you are wearing your super cute Marlborough pajama pants or your uniform – as you treat yourself to an after-school snack on Larchmont.”

All-School Wellbeing Representative Natalie B. ’24 led the community through a number of different hypothetical scenarios, testing our knowledge of the Community Pledge in particularly challenging situations. Students offered excellent responses to one of the hypotheticals that was posed: Your friend won her Water Polo Championship last night (hooray!), so she wasn’t able to study for her math quiz today. You’ve already taken the math quiz, so she asks you what it was about. What do you do? One student’s response resonated with her fellow students: “Tell her to trust in herself and talk to her teacher if she is worried about being properly prepared for her quiz.” 

To conclude the ASM, All-School Council led students and staculty through an interactive Kahoot quiz: a friendly and fun reinforcement of community expectations, rules, and campus resources.. Following this lively ASM, students gathered by grade to  sign their Community Pledge Boards. These boards hang on campus as visual reminders of our collective commitment to the Marlborough community.

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