Honoring Black History Month: Portrait of a People 2024

Honoring Black History Month: Portrait of a People 2024

For the past six years, as the calendar turns to February, students enrolled in the Honors African American Literature course have helped the Marlborough community honor Black History Month through their Portrait of People video series. Now in its seventh year, this much-anticipated annual tradition aims to uplift the remarkable contributions of notable African Americans—both known and unknown.

BK Smith, English Instructor and Dean of College Counseling, explains, “Although we celebrate the rich and plentiful contributions of African Americans throughout the year, in February we pay special attention and highlight their contributions to our society.” Aligned with this goal, his students have chosen to produce video projects centered around the theme of African American female authors. Dr. Jenn Wells, Director of Equity and Inclusion, underscores the importance of intentional celebration and education. She says, “February calls on us to take dedicated time to reflect on the many ways that Black history, inventions, joy, leadership, creativity, and innovation have transformed the world around us.”

Mr. Smith’s Honors African American Literature students provide an exciting opportunity to engage in this commitment to education by learning about each of their chosen African American female authors. You can find each student’s project below. Links will be added as the videos continue to air throughout the month of February. Happy Black History Month!

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