Pi Day Celebrations

Pi Day Celebrations

To celebrate Pi Day, Marlborough’s Math Department hosted an afternoon full of themed activities and treats for the entire community. Naturally, no Pi Day affair would be complete without slices of actual pie for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to Pie ’n Burger, the community could choose from a delectable assortment ranging from blueberry to pumpkin to classic apple. Acquiring the pies was easy, but indulging in these delicious sweets had a bit of a mathematical twist.

In order to get a fork, students had to complete math-related challenges. Whether reciting the first 14 digits of pi from memory or solving a pi-themed math problem, students engaged in intellectual exercises under the guidance and encouragement of Math Department faculty. Jen Uribe, Math Instructor, exclaimed, “How awesome that math gets to be fun for everyone on campus today!” This interactive element added some educational flair to the festivities, encouraging students to engage with the mathematical significance of Pi Day beyond its buttery crust and syrupy filling connotations.

The highlight of the afternoon was the digits of pi memorization contest, where students vied to demonstrate their ability in recalling as much of the infinite sequence of pi. Amidst cheers and laughter, paired with minutes of intense concentration, students rattled off numbers in rapid succession. In Middle School, Sarah K. ’28 and Alexandra T. ’29 tied for first place in the 100 digits or fewer bracket. They each recited 100 digits perfectly. In the Upper School 100 digits or fewer bracket, Briley F. ’26 recited 100 digits to claim the top prize. World Languages Instructor Joy Cho bravely entered the competition, reciting 133 digits entirely in Chinese. The final competition was open to the whole school to see who could recite the most digits. Hope L. ’24 and Isabelle F. ’25 tied for first place after reciting a staggering 270 digits of pi. Their feat was met with awe and admiration from their peers punctuated by raucous applause, high fives, and joyful embraces. 

Pi Day at Marlborough was more than just a celebration of the famous mathematical constant; it was a testament to the school's commitment to fostering a love for learning in innovative and engaging ways. By blending sugary delights with intellectual challenges, the event succeeded in uniting students in a shared appreciation for mathematics. As the day concluded, Math Department Instructor Cori Ayandele shared her joy at the engagement of the community and left everyone with one final pi(e)-related pun saying, “I hope everyone got to enjoy a little slice of it.”

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In the image that accompanies this article, Ms. Moser and a student celebrate solving a pi-related math problem on a small whiteboard the student is holding in her left hand. Ms. Moser throws both fists in the air and the student raises her right fist in celebration. Both of them are smiling widely.

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