Officially Upper Schoolers: The Class of 2027

Officially Upper Schoolers: The Class of 2027

On May 22, Marlborough’s Class of 2027 celebrated their Pin Ceremony, a longstanding tradition dating back to 1961. This ceremony marks the students’ promotion from Middle School to Upper School, offering rising 10th graders the opportunity to reflect on their middle school achievements and look ahead to their continued journey as Marlborough Upper Schoolers. 

Dr. Sean Fitts, Middle School Head, highlighted the significance of this milestone. He shared, “Middle School serves a specific purpose in your life. It is a time to transition to more independence and choice. It is also a time filled with struggles and challenges. But, you made it, and now you will move on to Upper School, well prepared to face a new set of challenges.” 

A key moment in the ceremony was the presentation of the school pins, engraved with Marlborough’s crest. Members of the Class of 2027 Student Council shared the significance behind the crest and the tradition itself. Chloe S. ’27, Wellbeing Representative, shared, “Engraved on the pin we will receive today is the Marlborough crest, which recognizes achievement, tradition, and longevity, all of which are values our class embodies.” Anamika D. ’27, Arts Representative, reflected on the duality of Pin Ceremony as a tradition. She said, “The Marlborough Pin Ceremony is about appreciating the past and embracing the future; we look forward to the future, the relationships and adventures yet to come. Class of 2027, when we receive this pin, remember how this ceremony symbolizes our class unity. As a class, we will continue to grow, bond, and learn together and we will only become stronger from here.”

Outgoing Middle School Representative to All-School Council Ava L. ’27 delivered a moving speech, celebrating her classmates’ strengths and the deep sense of community within the Class of 2027. She shared, “We truly are a community; some of the friends I have made this year feel like my long-lost siblings. Others like my better halves. So much of the success I’ve experienced, I am able to credit to you all for never failing to be welcoming and loving.”

Lucia S.G. ’27, outgoing Class President, echoed Ava’s sentiments in her heartwarming address, reminding her peers of their successes thus far and the experiences still to come. In looking ahead to Upper School, Lucia issued a charge to her classmates: “As we move into Upper School, and our Middle School selves fade into the distance, let us remember that the goals we want to achieve, the things we want to learn, aren’t nearly as important as the people we get to learn them with. The way they make us feel, the things we often take for granted, are really the things that keep us afloat.”

Pin Ceremony concluded with the Class of 2027 singing their class song, “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA. This song, chosen during Colors Ceremony earlier in the school year, symbolizes how quickly time moves and the importance of cherishing each moment. Dr. Fitts offered the reminder that this song is performed at three formal ceremonies––Pin Ceremony, Ring Ceremony in 11th Grade, and Graduation. As they sang, members of the Class of 2027 beamed at each other, wearing their new Marlborough pins on braided lanyards lovingly crafted by their parents and guardians in their class colors: oceanic blue, misty rose pink, and sand dollar white.

As the ceremony ended, the Class of 2027 officially joined the ranks of Marlborough’s Upper School, marking an important rite of passage and transition in each of their Marlborough journeys. While bidding farewell to Middle School, the Class of 2027 eagerly looks ahead to meeting the opportunities, challenges, and joyful moments that await in Upper School and beyond. 

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In the image that accompanies this article, four students share a laugh together. They are wearing their Upper School uniforms—complete with black skirts—and have donned braided lanyards in their class colors—oceanic blue, misty rose pink, and sand dollar white—with the School pin attached.

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