Latin students Receive Special Recognition for National Latin Exam Results

Four students also participated in their first Junior Classical League State Convention!

This year for the first time Marlborough sent four Latin students to the Junior Classical League State Convention in Menlo Park. Along with over 1100 students from 43 different schools, Sara Assadi ’18, Isabel Arroyo ’20, Miranda Simon ’20, and Ashira Weinreich ’20 competed in contests, took tests on Classical subjects, and participated in a wide variety of Latin-themed games and activities. Our team of sophomores came second in their group in the Jeopardy-style Certamen, losing to the final overall winners from Miramonte School. In individual academic testing, Isabel Arroyo took third place in Mythology and second place in the Academic Pentathlon. Our girls agreed that it was a weekend of fun and excitement.

Additionally, our Latin students recently took The National Latin Exam, a test taken by students of Latin at all different levels in all 50 states and 16 foreign countries. Two-thirds of the Marlborough students who took the exam received special recognition certificates. Congratulations to all who took the exam. Below is a list of students who received special recognition for their results:

Latin IA:
Outstanding Achievement: Athena S. ’23 (perfect paper!), Sophia B. ’22, Anna F. ’23, Adeline G. ’21, Alexandra S. ’23, Emily S. ‘23
Achievement: Sophie G. ’21, Olivia S. ‘23

Latin IB:
Gold Summa cum Laude: Olivia C. ’23, Maisie W. ‘22
Magna cum Laude: Pilar M. ’22, Ella P. ’22, Jocelyn S. ‘23
Cum Laude: Eileen J. ’22, Shine P. ’22, Josephine W. ‘21

Latin II:
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Elizabeth S. ’21
Cum Laude: Allyson O. ’21, Roxy R. ‘21

Latin III Honors:
Gold Summa cum Laude: Isabel A. ‘20, Ashira W. ’20,
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Sophia A. '20, Miranda S. ’20
Magna cum Laude: Talia A. ’20, Cara O. ’20
Cum Laude: Riley S. ‘20

Latin IV Honors:
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Eve M. ‘19
Cum Laude: Sophia K. ’19, Grace N. ‘19

AP Latin:
Gold Summa cum Laude: Isabel Nicole B. ‘18
Silver Maxima cum Laude: Sarah L. ’18, Isabel M. ‘18
Magna cum Laude: Ellie P. ‘18
Cum Laude: Sara A. ‘18

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