Class of 2027 Colors Ceremony

Class of 2027 Colors Ceremony

The Class of 2027 unveils their class colors and class song to the Marlborough community. 

Class of 2027 Colors Ceremony

As the Class of 2027 prepares to conclude their time in Middle School, they take part in a cherished and joyful tradition dating back to the 1950s: selecting their class colors and a class song. In this tradition, 9th Grade classes come together to choose a set of colors they feel represent their class’ personality and a song that captures their energy. Their chosen colors and song follow them throughout their time in Upper School and beyond, adorning banners, being sung at Commencement, and represented on reunion invitations for years to come. 

For their class colors, the Class of 2027 selected Oceanic Blue, Misty Rose Pink, and Sand Dollar White. Oceanic Blue is a deep, dark blue hue. It was chosen to represent the depth the class possesses. In speaking about the color, Jocelyn W. ’27 said, “Our class’ love for each other is as boundless as the sea. This color represents that our class will always be there for one another, emphasizing our strength and unity.” The color also holds another meaning for the class: just as much of the ocean has yet to be explored, so too is the Class of 2027 still growing and learning about one another. There is a certain mystery to that which allows the unique personalities and perspective of each classmate to be appreciated.

Misty Rose Pink is a warm, inviting pink color that evokes a sense of trust and love. Ashlynne S. ’27 noted that this color appears in both sunrises and sunsets. The symbology of the sun rising and setting is fitting for how the class thinks about their remaining years at Marlborough. Ashlynne said, “This hue of pink is also often found in the hazy glow of sunrises, which symbolize how we will bring light to this world with our ambition, love, and trust. On the other hand, Misty Rose Pink can be observed in sunsets as well—as a class, we will graduate from Marlborough together. Even though graduation will be bittersweet, endings—like sunsets—can be beautiful, too.”

Sand Dollar White, a unique shade of off-white, signifies the ways in which the Class of 2027 is unique and likes to pave their own path. Anamika D. ’27 explained, “A sand dollar is symbolic to some as a representation of the beauty of the ocean, but others see it as a symbol of transformation. As a grade we have all grown so much since our time at Violets 101 and our first day at Marlborough. As a class, we have grown stronger and overtime built a wonderful bond which we are sure to carry with us through graduation.”

Fiona M. ’27 closed the presentation by sharing the class’ selection for their song: “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA. It is a song about growing up and how quickly time passes. Fiona shared, “When we sing this song, we like to think of it as singing to our older selves, reminding us that life moves pretty fast, and that we need to stop and look around before it’s gone.” The class ultimately decided on this song because it encapsulates all the sentimentality and the bittersweet feelings that come with major milestones. It serves as a reminder to accept the future, but not to forget the past. 

In celebration of their participation in this decades-old tradition, the Class of 2027 chose to mark the occasion by giving back to the community. They gathered together, in partnership with their Class Dean Caitlin Benson and the Social Justice and Community Partnerships Office, to make school supply kits for Schools on Wheels. They made hundreds of kits that were filled with school supplies matching their newly-minted class colors. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2027 and the 9th Grade Team on a meaningful and thoughtful Colors and Class Song Ceremony!

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In the image that accompanies this article, three students from the Class of 2027 have their arms around each other as they participate in the ASM announcing their class colors and song. They are surrounded by their classmates, all wearing matching sweatshirts celebrating the tradition and hair ribbons in their class colors.

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