Bonds that Last Forever: The Class of 2026’s Banner Presentation

Bonds that Last Forever: The Class of 2026’s Banner Presentation

The Class of 2026 unveils their class banner to the Marlborough community.

Bonds that Last Forever: The Class of 2026’s Banner Presentation

Since 1890, Marlborough has honored a timeless tradition: the construction of a class banner. Initially a modest felt pennant bearing the Class of 1890’s class year, this custom has evolved into a cherished milestone that each 10th Grade class has celebrated. On April 23, the Class of 2026 added the 136th banner to the collection, proudly unveiling their interpretation of the class banner to the Marlborough community during an All-School Meeting.

While banners in the 1890s and early 1900s were often homemade felt pennants, recent years have seen classes embrace creativity, striving to create a piece  that serves as a visual representation of their class. The Class of 2026 came up with a completely original idea, crafting their banner in the form of a fully functioning vinyl record. While showing off images of the record—which is still being produced in a specialty shop in New York—Madeline M. ’26 shared why this was a fitting choice for her class: “We are a very creative and multi-talented group, and overall well rounded, just like a record. A record is a timeless way to listen to music, but beyond that, music lasts forever, just like our bond.”

The record itself has a vibrant marble pattern, designed in the Class of 2026’s class colors: Evergreen, Celeste, and Silk. For the a-side of the record, members of the Class of 2026 submitted answers to the questions: 

  • What do you look forward to in our Upper School years to come?
  • What is one hope you have for our class’ future?
  • What is your favorite memory of our class?
  • What makes the Class of 2026 special?

On the b-side of the record, the class gathered together to record themselves singing a rendition of their class song, “Vienna” by Billy Joel. 

The class also designed the sleeve for the record. Each element was intentionally added to the design to represent various aspects of the Class of 2026. Juliet S. ’26 described each of the symbols on the sleeve, explaining, “The 2026 Roman numerals replacing the Hollywood sign signify the mark our class will make on this city and the world. The cityscape encompasses our big dreams and acts as a reminder for us to reach for the sky. Just like the city that raised us, the Class of 2026 is constantly moving, growing, and changing.” The design also features a stone path, symbolizing their journey through Marlborough, and a Ferris wheel in homage to the city of Vienna, reminding them to slow down to appreciate the scenery and to never forget the strong bond of their class.

The back of the sleeve bears the signature of each member of the class, making the design reminiscent of a music festival poster signed by all the members of a band. Ruby F. ’26 shared, “Having each member of our class’ signature on the vinyl personalizes the record and signifies that we would not be whole without each member of the class.” More details decorate the vinyl itself. On one of the record’s labels, there is a drawing of an airplane, signifying the new heights to which the Class of 2026 will soar and the ways in which their aspirational nature will take them to great places, despite what might be—at times—a turbulent ride. The other label is decorated with a variety of passport stamps, with Vienna featured prominently in the middle, another homage to their class song. 

Closing out their ASM with gratitude, the Class of 2026 thanked each of their Advisors by handing them hand-written thank you letters, and acknowledging all who made it possible for them to bring their vision of this tradition to life. In particular, Aubrey G. ’26 made a point to thank Maxime Salzburg, Dean of the Class of 2026, who “helped us navigate this process from takeoff.” 

Congratulations to the Class of 2026 for an innovative, thoughtful, and creative addition to the class banner tradition!

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In the image that accompanies this article, students from the Class of 2026 sing their class song and wave their arms in the air. They are smiling.

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