Civil Rights Trail Blazers – Portrait of a People

Civil Rights Trail Blazers – Portrait of a People

Students enrolled in Honors African American Literature celebrate Black History Month with their video series, "Portrait of a People."

Civil Rights Trail Blazers – Portrait of a People

As the calendar turns to February, the Marlborough community honors and celebrates Black History Month. In what has become a cherished annual tradition, students in the Honors African American Literature course help facilitate these celebrations by uplifting the contributions from notable African Americans–both known and unknown–in their video series entitled “Portrait of a People.” 

This year, students’ portraits will center civil rights trail blazers. Each project represents someone who contributed to the civil rights mission and the fight for equality. BK Smith, Honors African American Literature Instructor and Dean of College Counseling, shares, “As we celebrate a month featuring Civil Rights Trail Blazers through our 'Portrait of a People' videos, I invite you to pause, reflect, revisit, and renew that spirit of equity that resides in us all.”

You can find each student’s project below. Links will be added as the videos continue to air throughout the month of February. Happy Black History Month!

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