9th Grade Global Connections Op-Ed Magazine

With articles and video by Mr. Duncan's B and I period classes, Mrs. Atwell's C period class, and Mr. Cameron's G period class.

We are excited to share the 9th Grade Global Connections Op-Ed Magazine with you. For this final project, students brought their learning to bear on a contemporary global issue with impact on the United States. Students chose one of the articles from the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the subject for their op-ed, then honed in on a specific and relevant topic that became the focus of their work. The researched articles and embedded informational videos in this magazine showcase strong student voices on a variety of human rights issues. With the creativity displayed here, this journal serves as evidence of their passion and commitment to humanity.

Please note that many of the articles feature scrolling text boxes where more text will appear as you drag the cursor down. The magazine can be accessed here, and we wish you an enjoyable and enlightening read.

- Mr. Duncan, Mrs. Atwell, and Mr. Cameron 

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