Youth Entrepreneurship: Benefits, Curriculum & Resources for Parents

What does it take to create a great youth entrepreneurship curriculum? Find out how to make entrepreneurship a part of your child's education now!

Are you curious about the benefits of a youth entrepreneurship curriculum, and what it takes to create one?

In this article, we will share three amazing benefits of youth entrepreneurship, as well as our best tips for creating a youth entrepreneurship curriculum that helps your child achieve her full potential.


Youth Entrepreneurship: Why Start Early?

It’s important for children to begin their entrepreneurial education early. Today’s students face an uncertain future full of complex global and socioeconomic problems.

We don’t know what new skills and competencies will be required to thrive in tomorrow’s world—which is why our students need to be prepared for a variety of different real-world scenarios.

Entrepreneurship curricula are designed to teach students to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing environment, as well as find answers to complex problems that cannot be solved by doing a quick Google search.

Furthermore, the skills students learn in entrepreneurship classes will help them tackle more challenging subjects later in their academic careers.

The earlier students are introduced to entrepreneurship, the more refined their skills will become by the time they get to high school, college, and beyond. Moreover, as adults, they will be better prepared for what’s waiting for them outside the classroom walls.


Three Benefits of a Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Shaping the entrepreneurial mindset

An entrepreneurship curriculum can set your children on a path to start their own business and launch their own products.

It can also teach them to bring a mindset of innovation and creativity into everything they do, as well as show them what’s possible by introducing them to successful role models in the entrepreneurship space.

Teaching essential life skills

A comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculum can help your child develop essential life skills, including analytical reasoning skills, public speaking, and leadership.

For example, here at Marlborough, we don’t just teach students how to write business proposals and deliver pitch presentations. We teach them to be resilient, empathic,  inquisitive problem solvers ready to create their own futures and change the world.

Preparing for a future career

The problem-solving skills children learn in entrepreneurship classes help prepare them for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet.

The skills can be applied to a variety of different career paths, including arts, athletics, and humanities, and are valued by employers across every single industry.


How to Maximize the Benefits of a Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Create an inspirational and joyful learning space

A dedicated learning space can go a long way when it comes to making entrepreneurship education fun and joyful for your students. 

Surround your students with reminders of the power of entrepreneurship education.

Give them access to the tools and technology they need to absorb the material quicker, while having fun learning.

Here at Marlborough, we have the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which brings our school community together and serves as an idea incubator where students and faculty from across multiple disciplines can discover and learn in a space designed to enhance collaboration and experiential learning.

Finally, don’t forget about giving your students the emotional space they need to learn and grow.

Entrepreneurship is a challenging endeavor, and your student is likely to encounter many obstacles along the way.

Remind them they can talk to you about anything they are feeling or experiencing during their journey, and make sure they know there is no shame in struggling with something.

Find the best learning tools and materials

Finding great learning tools and materials is one of the biggest challenges schools face when developing a youth entrepreneurship curriculum.

It’s important to have access to specific tools and information that are relevant in today’s world.

While some entrepreneurial skills are timeless, others, such as social media management, require more up-to-date knowledge

If you are looking to incorporate an entrepreneurship element into your school curriculum, check out the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.

They offer lesson "kickstarters" to facilitate the implementation of entrepreneurship education in every classroom, as well as a great podcast for parents and educators looking to learn more about youth entrepreneurship curriculum.

Consider practical applications of entrepreneurship knowledge

The practical application of entrepreneurship skills may be the most important component of a youth entrepreneurship curriculum.

Students should have opportunities to try their hand at analyzing market data, managing a social media account, and creating and delivering an effective presentation.

Here at Marlborough, girls learn to understand the product development cycle, come up with their own unique business proposals, and deliver multiple pitch presentations.


Why Choose Marlborough

Entrepreneurship education is at the core of our curriculum here at Marlborough.

Weaving together engineering, digital arts, robotics, media, academic research, and entrepreneurship, the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Marlborough delivers a superior college preparatory education in an environment imbued with high ethical values.

We don’t just teach girls to keep pace with the changing future.

Instead, we teach them to boldly pursue ideas which set the pace for the future.


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