The Importance & Impact of High School Leadership Programs

Are leadership programs helpful for high school students? Find out how to start developing your students' leadership skills now!

Every high school student should consider taking part in leadership programs.

These programs can help students grow into resourceful, dependable individuals and prepare them for a lifetime of service and success.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of high school leadership programs, while sharing five ways your daughter can start developing leadership skills now.


The Importance of High School Leadership Programs 

Student leaders are resourceful, dependable problem-solvers who are not afraid to contribute their ideas and stand up for their beliefs.

They are continually looking for opportunities to contribute and give back to their community while growing as individuals.

Many of the traits associated with leadership are correlated with both subjective and objective success measures, such as job performance and income level.

Moreover, leaders tend to have higher cognitive abilities, more self-confidence, and more motivation or drive to accomplish their goals.

High school leadership programs can help facilitate the development of these qualities while preparing students for a lifetime of success.

Leadership programs help students determine their leadership style while imagining themselves in a leadership role outside of the classroom.

In addition, holding a significant leadership role can elevate the impressiveness of a student’s college application from average to impressive.

Further, it can also help prepare her for future academic success by teaching essential life skills such as resilience and resourcefulness.


How Your Student Can Develop Leadership Skills

Increase confidence

A good leader believes in her mission and is confident in her abilities to execute it.

To increase your daughter’s confidence, encourage her to take on a leadership role as early in her high school career as possible.

Talk to her about the qualities of a good leader and let her know that she doesn’t have to be perfect to succeed.

Positive leadership experiences can significantly increase a student’s confidence inside and outside the classroom.

And seeing herself in this leadership role could inspire her to pursue positions and career paths she would not have considered before.

Increase resilience

Not all leadership experiences are going to be positive. 

Sometimes, things will go wrong: a project sponsor will drop out or a volunteer won’t show up.

Knowing how to effectively deal with failure and setbacks can help your student increase resiliency while becoming a better leader.

Encourage students to calmly assess what went wrong and learn from failures to increase resiliency.

Increase emotional control

Taking on the role of a leader means dealing with people and situations that require a substantial amount of emotional control.

Leaders are often evaluated based on the amount of emotional control they exhibit. 

Those with high emotional control are seen as more likable and ethical, which makes them more likely to retain their leadership position in the future.

It is very important for student leaders to learn how to stay calm and collected in frustrating situations.

Peers will look to them as an example of how to behave, especially in times of stress and turmoil.

Develop resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is a necessary skill for today’s leaders.

The answers to tomorrow’s problems cannot be found in a textbook, which means students need to know how to come up with innovative solutions of their own. 

Coming up against real-world conundrums and obstacles is the best way to develop a student’s resourcefulness.

During leadership programs, students are often asked to explore new ways of contributing to their community.

They are encouraged to think outside the box to figure out how to attract sponsors and volunteers to community service projects or school events.

Accept real responsibility

The best way to learn how to be a responsible, dependable leader is by accepting real responsibility.

Leadership programs place students in real leadership roles and give them a stake in the outcome of their projects.

Students are always held accountable for the successes and failures of their service projects.

They know that their actions have a real impact on their community; therefore, they are motivated to deliver the best result possible.


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Your Next Steps

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