Six Business Courses for High-School Students

How can business courses help high-school students achieve more in life? Which ones should your child take? Check out this article to find out!

Taking business courses in high-school can give students a significant competitive advantage in the college admissions process — and beyond.

In addition to expanding their knowledge about business and entrepreneurship, these courses teach students many crucial life skills, including leadership and time management.

In this article, we will share the benefits of 6 business-related areas of study which are ideally suited for high-achieving high-school students.


Why Business Courses Are Important for High-School Students

Business courses teach students how to navigate the future with courage and confidence.

These courses enable students to develop their leadership and problem-solving skills by solving real problems that don’t have answers that can be found in a textbook.

Incorporating business courses in the high-school curriculum is particularly beneficial for young girls.

These businesses courses encourage girls to take more risks and reach their full potential as future leaders, scientists, and artists.


6 Business Courses for High-School Students

1. Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship courses take students' introductory business knowledge to the next level.

The courses teach students how to collaborate and work with a team,  prepare an effective presentation, as well as collect and analyze data.

Here at Marlborough, students learn to understand the product development cycle, develop unique business proposals, and deliver pitch presentations - just like real business owners.


2. Personal finance.

Achieving financial literacy is crucial for high-school students, whether or not they plan to venture into the world of business after they graduate.

Personal finance courses teach students how to navigate the financial services industry and begin the financial planning process.

Students learn strategies for saving and investing, making major purchasing decisions, and protecting themselves against risk and financial loss.


3. Computer science.

It’s impossible to imagine a world without computers — which means basic computer science is a vital skill for any student.

Understanding the basics of web development and newer technologies is essential for keeping up with a rapidly changing world.

However, diving even deeper into computer science can give high-school students a huge competitive advantage long after graduation.

For example, here at Marlborough, high-school students have the opportunity to dive deep into object-oriented programming with Java and learn industry-standard techniques for testing and debugging.


4. Engineering design and analysis.

Engineering design courses teach students how to identify and execute a series of steps that engineers use to create functional products and services.

While these courses are ideal for exploring careers in STEM fields, the analysis and problem-solving skills that students learn in these classes can be incredibly beneficial in a variety of real-world scenarios.

In our Engineering & Robotics program, we also encourage exploration of real-world applications of STEM skills through interactions with the local engineering community and yearly outreach events.


5. Media studies.

Student Publications offer a variety of training in real-world, hands-on media skills in several disciplines. 

Advertising and media relations courses allow students to develop their creative writing and graphic design skills, as well as expand their knowledge of the advertising industry.

Students learn how to analyze current advertising trends and create their own advertisements, as well as understand the role of advertising in our economy.

At Marlborough students interested in journalism and producing a print publication have an opportunity to take Newspaper Production 1, 2 or Yearbook production. Students interested in more visual aspects of media can take VTV for video and podcast production or Special Studies in Visual Media for photography and graphic creation. Students interested in exploring possibilities are encouraged to take Newspaper Production 1 which provides a variety of training in all areas of journalism - print, online, and broadcast.

These courses can be especially beneficial if students are given the opportunity to work on real advertising campaigns for local businesses.


6. Social justice. 

Social justice courses are designed to promote civic and personal responsibility.

They help students become actively-engaged global citizens, as well as hone their public speaking and leadership skills.

Common activities include participation in professional meetings with local social groups, as well as larger service projects that improve the world around them.


Why Choose Marlborough

Marlborough is exclusively devoted to the education of young women. 

By weaving together engineering, digital arts, robotics, media, academic research, and entrepreneurship, the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Marlborough teaches students how to navigate the challenges of tomorrow with courage and confidence.

Here at Marlborough, we don’t just teach girls to keep pace with the changing future.

Instead, we teach them to boldly pursue ideas which set the pace for the future.


Your Next Steps

There are numerous benefits to taking business courses in high-school — especially for young girls!

If you think an entrepreneurship-focused education could be the right choice for your child, there’s no better place to pursue it than the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Marlborough.

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