Q & A: Emiko H. '19

Emiko Herbert ‘19 launched her first startup, a school uniform donation platform called UniCycle, this semester.

What is UniCycle?

Unicycle is an online platform where you can buy affordable school uniforms and donate uniforms you may have laying around your house! Our main goals are to lessen the environmental damage that stems from the clothing industry and to make attending school a more equitable experience. 

What sparked the idea for UniCycle?

As an incoming freshman new to Marlborough, I was shopping for the uniforms online, and the prices made me really upset. Additionally, I have been involved in environmental efforts for the past several years, and so my experience buying uniforms and my love for the environment sort of combined and Unicycle came to be!

Tell us about the development process.

Over the summer, I participated in Quarter Zero’s entrepreneurship incubator, and for six weeks, I worked with a team to refine the UniCycle business model. We ended up pitching to investors in a competition and winning money to put back into our company. After the summer was over, the team naturally separated, and I kept working on it. Right now, I’m working with some website developers to launch this semester.

Do you plan to pursue entrepreneurship after graduation?

Yes! Entrepreneurship is essentially an art of problem-solving, and even if I were to not work on startups in the future (which won't happen because I love them) I would still be using a lot of skills that I've gathered from entrepreneurship in any profession I was to pursue. Additionally, the college I will be attending next year has a great undergraduate entrepreneurship program that I will definitely be involved in. 

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