New Podcast: Learning Together at a Distance

Dr. Atwell talks with members of the Marlborough community about how they've been coping with the pandemic. 

How are students, teachers, parents, and alums dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic? And how does COVID-19 connect to other social, economic, and political issues facing our school, city, country, and world? Dr. Catherine Atwell, Dean of Student Research, talks with members of the Marlborough community to learn about how they've been coping - and sometimes not coping - with the pandemic. And in the process, we learn about the creative ways teachers and students are learning together, at a distance.

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Episode 1: Quarantining Together
Best friends, soccer athletes and Honors Researchers Miya '20 and Kaelyn '20 share what it's like for their families to quarantine together.  They also offer tips for prospective college athletes about how to manage the recruitment process, and how they're completing their Marlborough Honors Research projects during the pandemic.

Episode 2: Leading Together
Dr. Atwell talks with Tara '20, this year's Marlborough all-school president, and Tommie '21, next year's all-school president, to learn how they're trying to cultivate school spirit and community and what they believe student leadership entails right now.  Tommie also reveals why she has a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito!

Episode 3: Making Music Together
Zoe '22, Lucy '22 and Harrison '22 describe how and why they founded Concerts4COVID, which puts on virtual concerts by local and national musicians to raise money for non-profit organizations.  Listen to learn how you can get involved!

Upcoming episodes focus on issues related to social justice, including the relationship between COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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