Mickey C. '16 Attends Annual Nanotechnology Workshop

As a Leonetti O'Connell Honors Research in Science participant at Marlborough, Mickey's initiative landed her an invite to this collegiate- and industry-level event.

This past July, Marlborough senior Mickey C. ’16 had the incredible opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual Workshop on Nanotechnologies for Medicine in Boston. The workshop focused on the advances in micro- and nanotechnologies that are expected to open up new possibilities and applications in diagnostics, therapy, drug delivery and regenerative medicine. In this workshop, participants acquired the fundamentals and advances in the field of bioMEMS, biomaterials and tissue engineering. Leading experts presented the latest advances in the development of novel micro- and nanotechnologies and addressed a range of different challenges that are of importance to biomedicine at the interface of engineering, medicine and biological sciences.

Mickey’s participation in this workshop is an example of impressive self-motivation. Last fall, while attending the ACS Nano Symposium at UCLA with her Marlborough Honor’s Research Program mentor Dr. Weiss, Mickey heard a presentation by Dr. Khademhosseini on biomaterials. Mickey exchanged information with Dr. Khademhosseini after his presentation, and when she saw that he would be leading the Workshop on Nanotechnologies, she reached out to see if there was any way that she, as a high school student, could attend. Impressed with her initiative, the chairs of the workshop awarded her a scholarship to attend as a volunteer.

Over the course of the five-day event, Mickey attended many lectures, but was most impressed with the research being done by Dr. Peng Yin, an Associate Professor in the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on a technique that would help increase the resolution of molecular imaging. Mickey said, “I found his presentation particularly interesting because I'm also conducting research in imaging at UCLA, and I loved how his lab tackled the problem. Remarkably, I was reminded of his technique on my trip back from the workshop as I looked outside the plane window at night. The city lights looked almost exactly like the images Dr. Yin showed us on his slides!”


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