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Marlbots Bring Home Big Honors

The Marlborough Robotics Team earns three awards, including prestigious recognition for embodying the challenge of the FTC (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), at their most recent tournament.

The Marlborough Robotics Team took part in its first qualifying tournament this Sunday against 23 other teams at Monrovia High School. It was an incredible day that saw our team bring home the following honors:

  • Promote Award: For creating a compelling, 1 min PSA video that addresses the prompt "Now that I've succeeded in FIRST..." Click here to watch their PSA.
  • Winning Alliance in the Robot Game: Our team was chosen by the number one and number two seeded teams to complete their alliance. They were undefeated in the elimination matches and won the robot game portion of the tournament!
  • Inspire Award: This is the most prestigious award given out at an FTC Tournament. The Inspire is given to a team that embodies the challenge of the FTC program, and they must be a top contender in all award categories. The team must be great ambassadors for the FIRST program and act with "Gracious Professionalism" at all times.
  • Compass Award: Chosen based on a video submission by the team, this coaches' award went to Marlborough's own Andrew Witman! Click here to watch the video submitted by his team.

The Inspire Award automatically qualifies the team for the Los Angeles Regional Championship, which will be Saturday, February 27th at Monrovia High School.


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