Marlborough Expands CEI in Groundbreaking Partnership with Frank & Eileen

A $1 million gift from Frank & Eileen encourages entrepreneurial activity among the student body and the wider youth.

Stephanie David
Director of Communications
Marlborough School
A $1 million gift from the fashion brand will fund accelerator program to encourage entrepreneurial activity among the student body and the wider youth community
LOS ANGELES, Calif. – March 30, 2022 – Marlborough School, a Los Angeles-based independent college-preparatory school for girls, today announced a philanthropic partnership with Los Angeles-based shirting pioneer, Frank & Eileen. The globally-recognized fashion brand has pledged a $1 million gift to fund The Frank & Eileen Accelerator Program for the Leaders of Tomorrow at Marlborough’s idea incubator and interdisciplinary project lab, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI).
With a mission to design and innovate for the greater good and in service of the broader community, the $1 million donation from Frank & Eileen will allow Marlborough to expand access to the CEI’s offerings by creating an accelerator program that provides the funding, education, and mentorship for any student to launch a business and scale their impact.
Frank & Eileen is a certified woman-owned and women-led company founded and bootstrapped by former engineer, Audrey McLoghlin. Following its B Corp certification in December 2021, Frank & Eileen pledged $10 million in giving over the next ten years to nurture the female leaders of tomorrow. After discovering CEI and the work Marlborough and its students were doing, Frank & Eileen pledged $1 million of that gift to the young leaders at Marlborough.
“At Frank & Eileen, we see firsthand how entrepreneurship can be a force for good. We believe women are changing the world and are passionate about giving girls the tools they need to be part of the change they want to see in the world,” said Frank & Eileen Founder and CEO, Audrey McLoghlin. “We are beyond excited to partner with the CEI and the students at Marlborough to offer a best-in-class high school accelerator program that gives students the resources and opportunities they need to make our world a better place.”
At Marlborough, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) is where students create and collaborate, fail forward, and equip themselves with the tools and skills needed to become the leaders of the future. Courses including Fashioning the Future, Leadership for Social Change, Engineering and Invention for Impact, and Finance are intentionally interdisciplinary and designed to provide students with a solid foundation in design thinking and entrepreneurial understanding.
Students have used the CEI to fabricate robots, launch new businesses, build software programs that support social justice work, and have continued their entrepreneurial studies at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and NYU’s Stern School of Business, all citing Marlborough as the spark that ignited their entrepreneurial spirit.
“At Marlborough, we have seen over and over again that girls become more creative problem solvers and stronger leaders when exposed to entrepreneurial thinking,” said Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Regina Rosi Mitchell. “With this generous gift from Frank & Eileen, the CEI Accelerator Program will become a critical link to the support, tools, network, and knowledge that will help young women, at Marlborough and beyond, become the leaders of tomorrow.”
Guided by an expert team of designers, researchers, computer scientists, engineers, and media specialists, Frank & Eileen Accelerator participants will gain the education, mentorship, and funding needed to move from researching and prototyping to marketing and selling their products and services to real customers. All accelerator participants will complete the program with a strong foundation in business, marketing, design thinking, engineering, fabrication, media production, finance, sales, and public speaking.
“Marlborough is committed to boldly redefining excellence in leadership and education, and since 2018, the CEI has helped students pursue ideas that set the pace for the future of our changing world,” said Dr. Priscilla Sands, Head of School at Marlborough. “We’re grateful for this generous gift from Frank & Eileen in support of expanding our CEI resources both at Marlborough and throughout the broader Los Angeles community, so that we can empower our young female leaders to discover, collaborate, and innovate both now and in the future.”
About Marlborough
Marlborough, founded in 1889, is an independent day school serving 530 girls in grades 7-12. Located in the heart of Los Angeles and under the leadership of the school’s seventh Head of School, Dr. Priscilla Sands, we boldly seek to redefine excellence in education and embrace a community where equity leads education by creating conditions where learning sparks purpose. Our community of educators inspire exemplary students to discover who they are, to engage deeply in their studies and develop a love of learning, to embrace their communities, and to lead lives of purpose. To learn more, visit
About Frank & Eileen
Born in 2009, founder Audrey McLoghlin set out to reinvent the women’s button-up—a category previously focused solely on men. Sourcing responsibly crafted Italian menswear fabrics from day one, Frank & Eileen committed to the world’s finest raw materials found in nature to create clothes made to be lived-in and loved. Now a global omnichannel retail brand, Frank & Eileen is a certified woman-owned and women-led business that has retained 100 percent ownership while working with the same ethical, sustainable manufacturers for over a decade. At Frank & EIleen, we believe women are changing the world and are dedicated to using female entrepreneurship as a force for good. To learn more, visit

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