Make, Play, Explore, Create

Make, Play, Explore, Create
Make, Play, Explore, Create

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation keeps the Marlborough community connected and creating during the pandemic.

In the early months of 2020, Mathematics Instructor Ariana Wall and Mathematics and COmputer Science Instructor and STEM+ Program Co-Head Dr. Darren Kessner carved out specific spaces in the CEI for students to play and create. The team hosted a workshop on how to make LED valentines, built a "self-love" wall made of hears, and created a huge Lego table, inviting students to create new worlds together and decompress The events and creativity station here hits, and the team was thrilled to see the CEI space being used as it was intended - to spark creativity and connection.

Then the pandemic struck, and as weeks turned into months, the team knew they needed to take action and reimagine what the CEI could be. 

"As has become our custom we began by asking questions," said Regina Rosi Mitchell, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. "How can we continue to be in community, even from a distance? How can we take the magical joy we foster in the CEI and translate it into an online experience? How can we foster creativity, connection and joy for all community members?"

These questions inspired the team's monthly Creativity & Making Workshop Series. What was initially intended just for students turned into opportunities for parents and siblings to connect and create together. Sometimes entire families zoomed in, and alumnae siblings often joined in on the action along with prospective students and families. While each workshop focused on a different theme, each was grounded in learning something new and intentionally carving out time to make, create, and engage the brain in a different way.

"We learned that community can take all sorts of forms and that we don't have to be physically together to feel like we're all part of something bigger than ourselves," said Rosi Mitchell. "In fact, hosting workshops online allowed us to expand our community even further."


Committed to intentionally cultivating creativity and curiosity, the CEI's Making & Creativity Committee team has hosted a number of workshops and events this year focused on providing students with more time to make, play, explore, and create.

This year's workshops:

Project Pumpkin: Pumpkin Decorating Challenge
The Art & Science of Gratitude, Custome Cards, and Hand Lettering, with Dr. Allison Ponzio and Olivia Sanchez of Plume & Pulp
The Cookie Project: Holiday Cookie Decoration, with Dr. Ponzio
The Art & Science of Time Management and Goal Setting: Bullet Journaling as Self Care, with Dr. Jenn Wells
The Art & Science of DIY Valentines, with Danielle Ashton
The Art & Science of Upcycling Clothing, with Catie Mino & Makers Mess


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