Independence Meets Innovation

Honors Research students - over 30 in all - presented to the community about their work on topics including the effects of gun access in youth, neuropsychiatric lupus, modern feminism, and nanobatteries, among many others.

In addition to providing the young researchers with an opportunity to practice their presentations in front of an audience, Research Week gave other students the chance to learn more about HOnors Research and Capstone projects, as well as introduced the wider Marlborough community to the diversity of interesting topics that students are pursuing while highlighting the sophistication of their research.

“Both the Introduction to Research class and the 8th graders are currently getting their first doses of what Honors Research and Capstone offer to them,” said Dr. Allison Ponzio, Leonetti/O’Connell Honors Research in Science Program Head. “The Introduction to Research students will be applying for one of these programs in the next one to two years, and the 8th graders are participating in year-long data collection projects as part of their ESII curriculum.”

The Leonetti/O’Connell Honors Research Program provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors at Marlborough to conduct original research in the lab sciences, humanities, and social sciences under the mentorship of an academic expert in the field. Students work with scholars at UCLA, USC, CHLA, and other institutions pursuing their intellectual passions while gaining real-world skills and experience as researchers. 

Similarly, Capstone Projects allow highly motivated seniors to pursue a passion outside of the school’s core curriculum. In these year-long projects, typically taken in lieu of a fifth academic course, students choose a field of interest largely unrelated to their scholastic work, deepen their knowledge of that field through a combination of research and hands-on experience, identify a specific problem or question within the field, propose a solution, and attempt to implement that solution in the form of a project or practicum. Currently, Capstone Projects are offered in the arts and social justice. 

“One hallmark of a Marlborough education is the cultivation of both intellectual curiosity and confidence,” said Dr. Cathy Atwell, Leonetti/O’Connell Honors Research in Humanities and Social Sciences Program Head.

To hear from these impressive student researchers directly, visit the third annual SPARC: Celebration of Innovation on May 2, 2019, at Marlborough. More information and registration details coming soon.

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