In Review: This Year's Robotics Season

By now everybody has probably heard about the Marlbots competing at the West Super Regional tournament in Spokane, Washington. Marlborough’s veteran robotics team competed at West Super Regionals for the fourth year in a row. But now, many of you may be wondering: what will happen to the robotics program since more than half of the Marlbots are seniors? Don’t worry! Since more and more girls have become interested in doing robotics, the school’s robotics program has expanded over the years. Marlborough now has two other robotics teams competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC): Cosmos, which is mostly 7th and 8th graders, and Curiosity, which is mostly 9th, 10th, and 11th graders!

Cosmos was formed this school year to serve as the middle school robotics team. This is Cosmos’ first year competing, and despite being a rookie team, they had a great season! They started off the season pretty strong and placed among the top 5 teams out of 16 in the LA-A1 League. Cosmos qualified to the Inter-League Tournament in Palmdale this February. At the end of the tournament, Cosmos placed 8th out of 29 teams. Though they did not advance to Regionals, Cosmos had an amazing season and achieved a lot for a rookie team.

Curiosity was formed in the 2016-17 school year. This is Curiosity’s second year competing and they had a strong season overall, as well. Their season started off a bit rocky, but Curiosity managed to place in the top 5 in the LA-A1 League along with Cosmos and Marlbots. Curiosity qualified to the Inter-League Tournament and made it to the finals in the robot competition. They ended up being part of the winning alliance which advanced them to Regionals. One week later, Curiosity competed in Monrovia at the LA Regional Championship. However, with several technical difficulties, Curiosity placed 19th out of the 25 teams. Although Curiosity did not advance to West Super Regionals, qualifying to the LA Regionals was a step up from last year which was a huge accomplishment for the team.

Though the season is over for all three teams, they have already begun using what they learned to help plan for next year! Many of the Marlbots are graduating this year, so there are lots of open spaces regardless of what grade you’re in. If you are interested in learning how to build or program a robot, sign up for robotics next year! You don’t need to have any prior experience, and there’s a place for everyone!

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