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China’s prototype space station, Tiangong 1, disintegrated over the southern Pacific after nearly 7 years in orbit.

Rare dinosaur prints found on the coast of the Isle of Skye in Scotland provide new evidence of the Middle Jurassic period.

According to this year’s State of Global Air Report, just published, more than 95% of people in the world breathe polluted air, which can lead to health effects like strokes, heart attacks, and lung cancer. The report also says that air pollution was determined to be the cause of over 6 million deaths in 2016. 

Various studies that examined the reasons why individuals become overly attached to social media, particularly Facebook, suggested that the chances for new opportunities social media provides and the feeling of gratification it gives are key factors.

Scientists discovered a new organ in the human body: the interstitial. It was previously thought to be a thick wall of collagen, but now it’s understood as fluid-filled spaces in connective tissues all over the body.


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