Features of Entrepreneurship Programs for High School Students

Entrepreneurship programs can help students turn their dreams into reality. Discover three key features of entrepreneurship programs for high school students!

Female entrepreneurs have become a driving force in America’s economic growth. Today, women make up more than 40% of entrepreneurs in America, owning more than 11 million businesses. Many of these pioneers began their journey early, while they were still teenagers. Indeed, the features of high school entrepreneurship programs can give girls an edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

This article will explore three common features of a successful entrepreneurship program that equips high school girls to take their place in the boardroom:

  • Instruction that Inspires Action

  • Experienced, Compassionate Mentors

  • Quality Curriculum

The Key Features of Entrepreneurship Programs for High School Students

The best entrepreneurship programs for high school students attract talented, motivated young people. Wise, inspiring teachers urge their students to wrestle with tough political or social issues; then, they invite the students to envision possible solutions.

As a parent, you should look carefully at entrepreneurship programs that teach the skills that students can carry into college, career, and beyond. 

1. Instruction that Inspires Action

For young entrepreneurs to succeed in the 21st century, they must be flexible. More importantly, their knowledge and abilities must continually evolve. A good entrepreneurship program for high school students inspires a lifelong love of learning and problem solving; it stirs curiosity while it builds grit.

Competitive businesses expect professionals to adapt to changing circumstances without feeling deflated or giving up.

Marlborough’s entrepreneurship program teaches students the value of perseverance. Thus, our girls become innovative problem solvers. They know how to:

  • Analyze a situation

  • Identify the core need

  • Confer with advisors and peers

  • Communicate a call to action

  • Propose realistic solutions

Since Marlborough’s entrepreneurship students see challenges as opportunities to grow, they develop leadership traits, including empathy.

By focusing on curiosity, grit, and communication, girls enrolled in Marlborough’s entrepreneurship programs learn how to lead.

2. Experienced, Compassionate Mentors

As young entrepreneurs begin to navigate the world of industry, fine arts, or public service, they need experienced mentors who will offer advice, redirecting them when necessary. Otherwise, frustrated students are likely to quit whenever they face serious obstacles.

Marlborough pairs entrepreneurship students with mentors who show them how to:

  • Distinguish Between Real or Perceived Needs

  • Imagine, Then Develop Realistic Solutions

  • Build and Motivate a Loyal Team

  • Present the Vision and Garner Support

By working with proven, trusted mentors, Marlborough’s entrepreneurship students gain confidence as they deepen their knowledge.

3.    Quality Curriculum

Students who want to pursue entrepreneurship should begin by asking two simple questions:

  1. Am I passionate about solving the problems I see around me? 

  2. What impact do I want to have on my school, my future industry, and the world? 

Answers to these questions can lead to self-discovery. The right curriculum should help teenagers become:

  • Flexible

  • Courageous

  • Collaborative

  • Independent

Marlborough has one of the best entrepreneurship programs in the country. That’s why we invite high school girls to explore the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We offer several tracks for budding entrepreneurs, including Capstone Honors Programs in STEM, Fine Arts, Social Justice, and Entrepreneurship.

Some of the features of our entrepreneurship program for high school students include:

  • Camaraderie

  • Time Management

  • Creative, Critical Thinking

Marlborough’s entrepreneurship program relies on cumulative learning. The Honors Capstone Program in Entrepreneurship lasts a full school year, but it really begins when the girls are high school juniors. 

After completing the prerequisite courses, students learn business concepts and corresponding terms. They discuss how they might apply entrepreneurial principles to real problems in nearby communities. The girls assess data, negotiate strategies, then present their findings.

An example of Marlborough’s unique course of study for girls is Xcelerator: Honors Capstone in Entrepreneurship. Our students synthesize their knowledge about business and society to launch products or services to target audiences. In the meantime, they learn the principles behind the Lean Startup Method. 

Marlborough’s entrepreneurship students do much of their work independently, but they still meet weekly with a Capstone advisor and other key partners. Eventually, the participants pitch their presentation to a panel of judges during Marlborough’s SPARC Tank.

This impressive program takes more than a full school year to complete. During the summer following their junior year, the girls conduct exploratory work with customer discovery, ideation, and pitch practice; their preparation continues into the fall semester.

Eventually, the students develop a 20- to 25-page business plan that includes detailed financial recommendations. Our young entrepreneurs also produce a companion website as part of their social media marketing campaign.

Marlborough empowers high school girls by giving them opportunities to integrate entrepreneurship with other interests, including STEM, fine arts, and social justice. As a result, our students are ready to make their mark on the business world.

A Note about Financial Aid

Some young people hesitate to apply to private school because of cost. If you are considering a school that offers an entrepreneurship program for high school students, ask about financial aid.

Marlborough admits a diverse group of students with the promise of participating fully, achieving their best, and contributing their talents and interests to benefit themselves and the school community.

We know that an excellent education can be costly. Therefore, we encourage families to apply for financial aid if the tuition is beyond the family’s budget.

  • Marlborough currently supports approximately one in five students with awards covering 10-100 percent of school expenses, including tuition, books, transportation, and other activities that are essential to the Marlborough experience.

  • In 2019-2020, the average financial aid award is $30,000, representing 71% of the annual tuition.

If you are looking at schools that offer entrepreneurship programs for high school students, don’t let cost deter you. Ask about financial aid. After all, you are making an investment in your daughter’s future.

Why Choose Marlborough?  

Marlborough serves girls in grades 7 through 12. We are a private, college-preparatory secondary school, conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, California.  

Our goal is to ignite intellectual inquiry and to build the problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills that our students will need to innovate, invent, and lead in college and beyond.

Next Steps

If you want your daughter to become a curious, agile thinker, consider Marlborough. Our entrepreneurship program for high school students can give your daughter an advantage as she looks toward the future.

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