Entrepreneurship Curriculum for High School Students

A solid entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students can give your daughter an edge in tomorrow's workplace. Discover the benefits of this program here!

The field of entrepreneurship is growing. And right now, more than 40% of new, entrepreneurial businesses are owned by women. Entrepreneurship grants women more flexibility, pay equity, control over the business, professional advancement, and an opportunity to follow their passion. That’s why innovative schools like Marlborough offer entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students.

This article will present the top three reasons why you should consider enrolling your daughter in an established entrepreneurship program:

  • Experiential Learning

  • Collaboration + Leadership

  • Practical, Marketable Life Skills

The Benefits of a High School Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Instead of textbook-driven courses, high school entrepreneurship programs focus on experiential learning. Instructors, coaches, and mentors help students:

  • Identify a fundamental need

  • Conceptualize a realistic solution

  • Design, then develop the product or service

  • Pitch a compelling, cohesive idea

  • Outline a plan to fund the project

The students enrolled in Marlborough’s entrepreneurship courses learn how to apply sound business principles to real-world challenges.

For instance, a group of Marlborough students worked to enhance the branding for two women-owned businesses, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and SkinOwl. The girls studied the full product development cycle, then delivered persuasive product presentations and built a personal website.

A solid entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students relies on hands-on learning, which prepares them for jobs that require creative critical thinking.

Goals of an Entrepreneurship Curriculum for High School Students

Entrepreneurship students frequently work in teams. As a result, each person has a chance to contribute to the outcome.

Team members hold each other accountable. They take calculated risks, learning from their mistakes. Students learn that failure can be a surprising pathway to innovation.

The entrepreneurship program at Marlborough affords girls unique opportunities to hone their collaboration and leadership skills through:

  • STEM courses, including global robotics competitions

  • Media and digital arts projects, including journalism, advertising, photography, film making, and podcasts

  • Public speaking, thesis presentations, and debate

  • Hybrid courses that explore entrepreneurship + social justice + technology

Marlborough’s commitment to collaboration and leadership means that our students have a safe environment in which to find their voice.

Our high school students appreciate each other’s unique gifts and perspective. Since they rely on one another to succeed, they form strong bonds that often evolve into lifelong friendships.

Marlborough’s well-coordinated entrepreneurship curriculum has had a profound impact on teenage girls over the years, emboldening them to think outside the box.

A solid entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students fosters cooperation, giving every student a chance to develop her own style of leadership.

Entrepreneurship Curriculum Prepares High School Students for the Future

In many ways, an effective entrepreneurship program functions like an internship. Accordingly, students must approach specific tasks with excellence, perseverance, and imagination.

A first-rate entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students should help them develop practical, marketable life skills. They learn to:

  • Gather, then evaluate market data

  • Manage a social media account

  • Create a sustainable budget

  • Articulate their vision

Marlborough offers entrepreneurship students access to cutting-edge technology and a wide range of educational resources.

In class, our students learn to meet twenty-first century challenges. We teach our girls coding and industry-standard techniques for testing and debugging software. As such, our computer sciences courses are among the best in the nation.

Currently, forward-thinking businesses are hiring people who know how to pinpoint  core needs, assess the facts, cooperate with team members, adhere to a budget, and communicate clearly.

Marlborough can equip your daughter for tomorrow. Whether she aspires to a career in STEM, the arts, humanities, or athletics, our entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students can empower her with confidence.

A solid entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students enables teenagers to develop practical, marketable life skills, which prepares them to enter adulthood with self-assurance.

Why Choose Marlborough?  

Marlborough serves girls in grades 7 through 12. We are a private, college-preparatory secondary school, conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, California.  

Marlborough invites high school students to take advantage of the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which serves as an idea incubator where students and faculty from multiple disciplines enjoy learning. 

Next Steps

If you want your daughter to become a curious, agile thinker, consider Marlborough. Our entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students can stir your daughter’s imagination. We can help her acquire the inspiration she needs to propel her into the future.

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