Entrepreneurship Activities for Youth at School

Many parents choose private schools that offer an entrepreneurial program since these skills prepare students for college. Discover the benefits of entrepreneurship activities for youth!

What is an entrepreneurship program, and how does it impact teenagers? Simply put, an entrepreneurship program gives young people hands-on opportunities to envision, design, develop, and propose products or services that address real-world problems. Since our world is changing quickly, many parents are exploring the benefits of entrepreneurship activities for youth.

This article will address three key points:

  • Entrepreneurship Activities Foster Independence

  • Entrepreneurship Activities Inspire Creativity

  • Entrepreneurship Activities Encourage Collaboration

Three Benefits of Entrepreneurship Activities for Youth

The digital age has raised new problems that need fresh solutions. Today’s young people are trying to keep up with evolving technology as they try to make sense of increasingly complex global, social, and environmental issues. That’s why entrepreneurship activities for youth are so important; they prepare students for an uncertain future.

For instance, one of the biggest challenges of the twenty-first century involves employment. The Institute of the Future gathered a global panel of twenty business, technology, and academic experts to examine trends. They estimate that 85% of the jobs that adults will pursue in 2030 do not exist today! Consequently, many premier private schools have begun to offer detailed entrepreneurship courses to teach students about cultural shifts and to provide them with the advanced skills they need for adulthood.

Entrepreneurship Activities for Youth Foster Independence

Indeed, established entrepreneurship activities for youth foster independence and build the confidence to face an uncertain future.

Entrepreneurship activities teach youth to plan, budget, build relationships, and take reasonable risks. Participants identify the underlying problems with businesses, organizations, or society at large. They ask difficult questions and explore workable options. Furthermore, these students often apply their entrepreneurial experience elsewhere: at school, home, work, or in social settings.  

Marlborough’s entrepreneurship activities for youth encourage young people to experiment in a safe, controlled environment. Students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. In some ways, our entrepreneurship program mirrors an internship. The students usually integrate the lessons from entrepreneurship activities with other academic subjects: engineering, computer science, digital arts, robotics, media, or academic research. Instead of compartmentalizing these topics, students come to recognize that a holistic approach to problems can lead to inventive, lasting answers.

Marlborough believes that our students are stewards of culture; they are not simply consumers. As a result, we require everyone to take a digital citizenship class so they appreciate the power of social media, online research, and interactive presentations. Digital citizenship prepares the students to take their next step as responsible entrepreneurs and world-changers.


Entrepreneurship Activities for Youth Inspire Creativity

Strong entrepreneurship activities for youth inspire creativity and help students find their passion. 

Marlborough inspires journalists, creative writers, and digital storytellers at all grade levels. Our young people conduct probing interviews, then produce impressive print and digital articles, videos, and podcasts.

Marlborough also inspires budding engineers and computer programmers. Our robust STEAM program teaches students how to write code, build robotics, and create computer graphics, games, and VR animation. We synthesize STEM with Humanities and Fine Arts, resulting in unforgettable projects. As part of our entrepreneurship activities for youth, STEAM students test their limits by conceiving of projects that will impact generations to come.


Entrepreneurship Activities for Youth Encourage Collaboration

Exemplary entrepreneurship activities for youth require collaboration. Students who know how to work together are more likely to come up with innovative ideas that matter.

Jobs of the future necessitate collaboration. That’s one reason that entrepreneurship activities for youth must include cooperative learning. One person with an idea is good, but a team of forward-thinking individuals who pool their resources is better.

Marlborough opened the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to serve as an “idea incubator”. We wanted to give students a safe place to analyze, discover, learn, and collaborate with talented mentors across the disciplines and from around the globe.

Marlborough’s entrepreneurship activities prepare students for the professional world by splitting them into teams. They envision a product or service that meets a real-world need. Then, they gather data while they develop the concept. Eventually, they pitch it to professionals in the industry. At Marlborough, learning is always active and collaborative; our students emerge as leaders by solving real problems that don’t have answers found in a textbook.


Why Choose Marlborough?  

Marlborough serves girls in grades 7 through 12. We are a private, college-preparatory secondary school, conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, California.  

Our goal is to ignite intellectual inquiry and to build the problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills that our students will need to innovate, invent, and lead in college and beyond.

Next Steps

If you want your daughter to become a curious, agile thinker, consider Marlborough. Our entrepreneurship activities for youth can hone your daughter’s interests as she builds confidence. We can help her acquire the skills she needs to propel her into the future.

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