Bringing it All Together

New space and programming inspires students to think bigger, more creatively, and more collaboratively.

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In mid-September, just a few weeks after the opening of the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), Arabella D-M ’19 wrote to Head of School Dr. Priscilla Sands about a new initiative she wanted to lead.

“In the spirit of collaboration and interdisciplinary work brought about by the CEI, I am interested in creating a new club that would bring together students interested in STEM and those interested in visual arts,” Arabella’s email read. “This club would be called CICADAS (Collaboration in Computer-Aided Design with Arts and Sciences) and would be centered around 3D design (CAD) and 3D printing/laser cutting.”

As the former student-leader of the RC (Radio-Controlled) Car Club, Arabella recognized that her club members’ interest in learning how to use the school’s 3D printers and Glowforge laser cutters had grown, and that visual arts students and hobbyists could also benefit from exposure to and training on these new tools. Her hope for the club is to involve the Arts Department equally with the Science Department.

“Collaboration is a skill that all of our students will need, regardless of what career they choose,” said Dr. Priscilla Sands, Head of School. “Every aspect of the CEI—from the floorplan to the furniture—was created to encourage and enable increased collaboration among our classes, colleagues, departments, and divisions.”

Early in October, Arabella promoted her new club at Club Fair, Marlborough’s annual showcase for the 50+ student led clubs and interest groups on campus. Twenty-four students signed up to participate in CICADAS, which held its first meeting in late October.

Said Arabella, “I am very excited to continue bringing together creative minds to learn from one another and collaborate in the creation of extraordinary projects.”


Radio Active

Kendra M ’20 is no stranger to the broadcast world. She has been hosting her own podcast, “Starting Somewhere,” since 2017, for which she “interviews awesome writers and comedians about what they were like before they were awesome writers and comedians and just awkward, uncomfortable teenagers.”

Now, together with Fiona T ’20, Kendra is launching KMBR, Marlborough’s student-led radio station. KMBR will provide a mix of talk shows, music, and hopefully some podcasts.

Their intention in pursuing this endeavor is to provide a space for students to express themselves in whatever ways they would like to, and the CEI has helped to create that opportunity.

“We are excited about the CEI, because the new studio is going to be a great location for students to broadcast from,” said Kendra.

Although the CEI will provide a “home base” for KMBR, because of the server the girls are using, hosts will be able to broadcast from anywhere, making it possible for students with busy schedules to participate since they won’t need to stay on campus after school to be able to contribute to the station.


DCP in the CEI

In 2018, Marlborough revamped its 7th and 8th Grade elective offerings to provide more flexibility for students to pursue their personal areas of interest as well as greater opportunity to try out something new during their middle school years. Electives now fall into three categories of focus: active, fine arts, and communications, the latter of which is designed to help prepare students for their future endeavors by encouraging participation in courses that foster creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving.

This fall, 34 students enrolled in the Digital Citizenship Project (DCP) Communications elective, a quarter-long course that brings students together in a collaborative, blended learning environment as they learn to navigate social media and web-based information, cultivate online research proficiency, and develop multimedia presentation skills. Students explore the complexities of becoming savvy digital citizens, and the class culminates with a project that engages students in their physical and digital communities. The CEI is now home to the DCP, and for its instructor, Shauna Callahan, it’s the perfect backdrop for the work.

“DCP students demonstrate the rich integration of the different key programs in the CEI space: Research, Media, Entrepreneurial Mindset, and Digital Proficiency, with a mature and deliberate focus on Social Justice,” says Callahan.

7th grader PJ W. '24 has jumped into her DCP project enthusiastically, choosing to support School on Wheels by creating a video to help convince viewers to contribute to the organization.

“I chose School on Wheels because I can’t imagine not being able to go to school, and I really want to help the kids who can’t,” said PJ.

Another DCP student, Lily K. ’24, focused her project on STAR, a Los Angeles Public Library program that brings children and adults together from diverse cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds to share in the joy of reading.

Although Lily is too young to volunteer with STAR, she was moved by their mission and used her project as an opportunity to showcase and support their important work.

“I am hoping that word spreads about STAR so everyone can experience the same joy that the volunteers and the children get to experience,” said Lily. “In the long run, I hope that STAR will change lives by helping children to learn how to read, and to prepare them for adulthood with the necessity of reading and all the other unknown challenges that are connected to this fundamental need.” 

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