Five Benefits of Taking Advanced Classes in Middle School

Are there any benefits of taking advanced classes in middle school? Find out what advanced classes are like (and what benefits they offer) right now!

Are there any benefits of taking advanced classes in middle school?

The short answer: absolutely.

Taking advanced classes early in life helps students develop fundamental life skills while preparing them for challenges they will face later in their academic careers.

In this article, we will share five benefits of taking advanced classes in middle school, as well as give you an inside look into what these classes are like.


How do Advanced Classes in Middle School Help Students?

The main purpose of taking advanced classes in middle school is to prepare students for the academic challenges that lie ahead.

These classes are rigorous and demanding, offering intellectual stimulation that can’t be found in other middle school courses.

They cover similar material as regular classes, but at a faster pace and with more depth.

Students are able to test their newfound skills with advanced exercises while learning how to apply hands-on applications of their knowledge.

In addition, advanced classes are taught by teachers who hold advanced degrees in their field.

These teachers have a highly specialized knowledge of their subject matter, as well as the most effective teaching techniques.

In addition to helping improve your student’s academic performance, they can encourage her to pursue interests and passions she wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.

Finally, students in advanced classes often have the opportunity to learn about and use the most up-to-date technologies.

For example, in addition to learning the basic principles of programming, students in computer science classes can work with micro-controllers to program their own mini-computers.


Five Benefits of Taking Advanced Classes in Middle School

1. Improve self-discipline.

Self-discipline gives your student the power to stick to her decisions, as well as overcome procrastination that stands in the way of accomplishing her goals.

In order to build self-discipline, many advanced middle school classes utilize a college-like approach to learning.

For example, students are required to complete a substantial amount of prep work on their own before coming to class.

2. Improve time management skills.

Taking advanced classes is a fairly time-consuming endeavor, which means it’s a great way for your student to develop her time management skills early.

When faced with a challenging amount of work, middle schoolers have no choice but to learn how to plan their day—especially if they are also juggling other responsibilities, such as extracurriculars or leadership positions.

3. Build resilience.

Advanced classes are going to be challenging for middle school students.

However, these classes will also teach students that failure is not permanent, while helping them develop the resilience required to bounce back from setbacks quickly.

4. Learn from the best.

Advanced classes are taught by experienced teachers with a high level of specialized knowledge in their field.

They are able to develop each student’s unique strengths. Meanwhile, teachers can advise students when it comes to choosing a course of study to pursue in high school.

5. Improve academic performance.

With highly-developed time management skills, self-discipline, and resilience, academic success is almost guaranteed.

Students who take advanced classes in middle school can plan to take on AP courses in high school, knowing they have the skills and knowledge required to succeed.

How We Help Students Transition to Advanced Classes

Advanced classes can be intimidating to middle school students.

However, the benefits of taking these classes are worth the initial struggle.

Here at Marlborough, we try to make each student’s transition into advanced classes as smooth as possible.

Our curriculum is centered on a required core of studies, believed to be fundamental for all students, and elective courses that are designed to fit the interests of individual students.

We are committed to helping students find classes that will both challenge and inspire them to go after their dreams and achieve their full potential.

In addition, we offer plenty of support and guidance to help students hone their time management and study skills, and experience the full benefits of taking advanced classes early in their academic careers.

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Marlborough is exclusively devoted to the education of young women. 

Weaving together engineering, digital arts, robotics, media, academic research, and entrepreneurship, the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Marlborough delivers a superior college preparatory education in an environment imbued with high ethical values.

Here at Marlborough, we don’t just teach girls to keep pace with the changing future.

Instead, we teach them to boldly pursue ideas which set the pace for the future.


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