With Gratitude

"Marlborough has benefited greatly from his strategic leadership in ways small and large that will continue to shape our school and students for generations to come." -Dr. Sands

Michael Gendler first joined the Marlborough Board of Trustees in 2010. Since that time, he has served on every subcommittee, including development, academic advisory, campaign, executive, and audit, just to name a few. In 2015, he added Board President to his lengthy list of titles, which also include his most important role as Dad to daughters Isabel ’14, who graduated from Penn last year, and Charlotte ’19, soon to graduate from Marlborough.

Despite a full family life, contributions to the community, and running his entertainment law firm, Mr. Gendler did not hesitate to take on this new position.

“Were Marlborough an ordinary private school, accepting a leadership role might have been less appealing,” said Mr. Gendler. “What made the choice easy was Marlborough’s mission and the opportunity to support our administrators, faculty, and staff as they focus every day on helping our students become tomorrow’s leaders.”

In particular, the school’s philosophy that girls learn best in an educational environment devoted exclusively

to women is one that Mr. Gendler shares. “There is a deficit of diversity in leadership today that is undermining the future. That deficit includes the absence of women from too many key decision-making roles. Marlborough is committed to correcting that imbalance.”

During his time on the Board, Mr. Gendler has led the school through several key initiatives, but most significant was his chairmanship of the Head of School Search Committee.

Made up of trustees, alumnae, administrators, faculty, and parents, the committee worked together to select a search firm partner, identify top candidates, and solicit community feedback, ultimately selecting Dr. Priscilla Sands as Marlborough's eighth Head of School.

Said Dr. Sands, “Michael brings a rare combination of creativity and pragmatism, gravitas and humor to every conversation and tough decision. Marlborough has benefited greatly from his strategic leadership in ways small and large that will continue to shape our school and students for generations to come. He sets high standards, but no higher than he sets for himself. He is scholarly, witty, and pragmatic—all traits that made him such an incredible Board President. I have so enjoyed working with him in this capacity.”

Gendler shares the appreciation for his partnership with Dr. Sands, as well as that of his fellow trustees and Marlborough community members.

“I benefited from my tenure as Board President more than I could have imagined. There is real joy in working with administrators, teachers, staff, trustees, and alumnae with the shared and single goal of doing what is best for our school and students—today and in the future. In particular, I had the great pleasure of working with, learning from, and getting to know Dr. Sands as she began her first year on campus. It has also been wonderful to collaborate with my fellow trustees, a talented group of supportive, thoughtful, and dedicated individuals, who despite busy schedules are incredibly generous with their time.”

In July of 2018, Michael Gendler completed his term as President and Marla Ryan (Sarah ’17) was elected to serve. Mr. Gendler will continue to serve as a trustee and this year is a member of the Executive, Advancement, and Trustees Committees.

“I am grateful for all that Michael has helped us accomplish and very excited to continue our generative work together with Marla at the helm,” said Dr. Sands. 

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