Outstanding Features of a Private School in Los Angeles

Many parents have enrolled their children in private school to give them an edge. Discover four outstanding features of a private school in Los Angeles.

There are a lot of schools in Los Angeles—and there are a lot of students. Most students attend public school, but many are enrolling in private schools. Why?

Los Angeles County alone is home to nearly 2,200 publicly funded schools that serve over 1.4 million students.

While public schools in Los Angeles are doing their best to educate children, they face ongoing challenges, including overcrowding and budget cuts.

As a parent, you have a choice. This article will describe four outstanding features of a private school in Los Angeles.

Four Outstanding Features of a Private School in Los Angeles

Parents want the best for their children. They want their children to thrive and become healthy, productive individuals. Furthermore, parents want their children to find their voice and make a difference.

A private school education can build important life skills as students develop their character and deepen their love of learning in a safe, encouraging environment. That's why Marlborough is one of the best private schools in Los Angeles. We focus on problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Building Life Skills at a Private School

1. Problem solving

Most students enjoy a challenge. With proper guidance, young people can learn to overcome obstacles and gain confidence.

  • Marlborough offers innovative, college-preparatory courses that stretch the students and generate critical thinking.

  • We work to prepare our students for life beyond high school and college. That is why we offer forward-thinking courses including: robotics, coding, engineering design and analysis, media studies, and entrepreneurship. These classes invite students to identify problems and work toward real-world solutions.

2. Creativity

Creative students usually become original, fearless thinkers who learn to trust their instincts. These students know how to take calculated risks, which leads to wonder, discovery, and invention.

3. Collaboration

A meaningful life involves cooperation with others. We must share ideas and work in teams to achieve sustainable goals. Students who know how to collaborate tend to be happier and more productive individuals.

  • Marlborough encourages collaboration everywhere—in the classroom, on the court and in the field, and in daily life. We know that teamwork helps students develop grit, empathy, and patience.

  • Innovation requires risk, and collaboration can lead to trust. At Marlborough, we understand that learning to accept failure and make appropriate adjustments can result in significant personal growth.

4. Communication

Students need good communication skills in every area of life. Emerging adults must know how to listen politely, assess information accurately, and negotiate civilly.

  • As a well-respected private school, Marlborough gives students frequent opportunities to present their ideas. Our young people defend opinions with facts, passion, and respect. Whether delivering a formal speech, participating in seminars, or competing in the debate club, our students know how to communicate.

  • Marlborough encourages students to see communication as an exchange: all parties must be open-minded, willing to cooperate, aim for inclusion, and build stronger relationships.

A Private School Can Prepare Students for the Future

Our world is on the cusp of global, social, and environmental change. Experts estimate that “85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 do not exist today”.

Marlborough is one of the most inspiring private schools in Los Angeles. We empower students to embrace the future with courses that blend engineering, digital arts, science, media, academic research, and entrepreneurship.

A Private School Can Offer a Life-Changing Curriculum

Private schools vary in terms of purpose and expectations. Curricula reflects goals.

Marlborough knows its students. We know what kind of universities our students hope to attend. We prepare our students to live lives of meaning and purpose. We believe that our students are visionaries and pioneers.

Most importantly, Marlborough listens to students. We hire the best teachers to mentor our students. We have built a beautiful, spacious campus that inspires a love of education. We offer a ground-breaking curriculum that stimulates and motivates young people through active learning.

Marlborough is a premier private school in Los Angeles that fully engages students.

  • We encourage students to solve problems.

  • We encourage creativity.

  • We encourage collaboration.

  • We encourage communication.

Why Choose Marlborough

Marlborough is a private, college-preparatory secondary school, serving girls in grades 7 through 12. We are conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to ignite intellectual inquiry and to build the problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills that our students will need to innovate, invent, and lead in college and beyond.

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