Leadership, Friendship, and Fun

With expanded offerings - and a new look - Marlborough’s summer program brings together the activities, arts, and academics that will help kids (and their parents) create the perfect summer day.

Marlborough first introduced summer programming in the late 1950s, initially offering students an opportunity to make up classes for academic credit. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the program expanded to include classes for elementary-age children, and even a special summer abroad program to Scotland. According to the catalog from 1983, the primary purpose of the program at that time was “to make available, for children entering grades three and above, experiences in mathematics, science, history, creative writing, the arts, and athletics which will spark their interest and develop their skills in these disciplines.”

In the 1990s, Marlborough’s summer offerings expanded further to become more like the program we know today, incorporating a wider range of classes and activities beyond traditional school subjects. As the campus grew and expanded, so did the summer fun, incorporating Booth Field and Munger Hall, then later the Caryll Mudd Sprague Aquatics Center, expanded field and tennis courts, fitness center and now the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

Fun & Sun for 2019

On March 1, online registration began for Marlborough’s expanded summer 2019 offerings, which include a trip to Alaska, week-long workshops in entrepreneurship, leadership, and drama, classes for credit, SAT/ACT prep, and a family ceramics class, as well as our long-standing programs for students entering kindergarten and first grade (Camp Mustangs), and our classic five-week program for grades two and up.

In addition to these new programs, families may notice another change - a name change.

“While there are certainly plenty of learning opportunities available at every stage of our program, this isn’t “school” as most kids and their parents think of it,” said Ida Dahan, Director of Summer and Enrichment Programs. “We wanted to more accurately reflect the full range of experiences that our program now provides - trips, adult and family enrichment, sports intensives, and leadership workshops, among many other new offerings. Summer can and should still be a time for learning, but also for plenty of friendship and fun.”

The 2019 Marlborough Summer catalog is now available on the program’s new website at www.marlboroughsummer.org.  

Student workers, many of whom are Marlborough students, have been busy submitting their applications to work as counselors, teachers assistants, office staff, lifeguards, and lunch crew. Each year more than 75 student workers gain valuable experience and learn important workplace skills.

“2018 was my second year as a lifeguard and swim instructor,” said Blanca D. ‘20. “Working at Marlborough Summer teachers you what it means to be responsible… and what it means to be a part of a community. All the student workers not only push one another to become better employees, but better people as well. And on top of that, working at Marlborough Summer is fun. During our breaks all the student workers would watch the World Cup together and, often times, the swim instructors would perform relay races together.”

For more information and to register, visit www.marlboroughsummer.org

Marlborough Summer Schedule:

June 10 - 14 & 17 - 21
One-week camps in leadership, sports, art, and STEM

June 24 - July 26
Camp Mustang, for credit classes, and our classic summer program

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