In a League of Her Own

After almost four decades of service to Marlborough, beloved teacher, coach, colleague, and friend Julie McCarthy Napoleon retires to continue her commitment to family, children, and community.

It was the fall of 1980 when a 28 year-old Julie McCarthy first joined the Marlborough community as the Head of the Physical Education Department, coach of the Varsity and 7/8 gymnastics teams, and P.E. teacher.   

Much has happened in the 38 years that transpired. Julie got married (becoming Mrs. Napoleon, although she will always be Ms. Mac to many alumnae), had a daughter, Muriel, who graduated from Marlborough in 2014, and expanded the P.E. curriculum to include yoga, self-defense, and athletic conditioning. Under Julie’s guidance, the gymnastics program also flourished, and from 1980-2002, Marlborough’s gymnasts won ten League Championships, one CIF-SS Championship, and one Southern California Gymnastics Championship.

From 1983 to 2000, Julie served as the Athletic Director for both the Middle School and Upper School Programs, during which time the school added softball and track to its growing list of sports.  As well, Marlborough was one of only five schools to start the Jr. High Delphic League and Julie was instrumental in the formation and growth of the league, which now includes 25 schools. During her time as Athletic Director, Julie also served on the CIF-SS Advisory Committees for both Athletic Directors and Gymnastics Coaches and represented the Sunshine League as the CIF-SS League Representative.

Julie’s contributions to the Marlborough community extend well beyond athletics. She has been involved in the Summer School Program since she arrived, and in 1999 she assumed the role of the Director of Summer School. During this time, the Summer School Program more than doubled in size, with growth in many programs such as Camp Mustang, Afternoon Athletics, and an extensive Student Worker Program.

Julie has no plans to slow down, and hopes to spend more time at her family cottage on Eagle Lake in Minnesota, to volunteer as a foster parent, to work with juveniles in the probation system, and to participate in missionary work.


I will really miss Julie’s kind and genuine presence on campus. She is always one of the first people to ask how your day is going and express genuine interest in everyone she meets. Julie has worked here for many years and has played a significant role in so many aspects of the Marlborough community.

Helen Mendoza, Dean of Faculty and History & Social Sciences Instructor

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