Benefits of Single-sex Education for Girls

Many parents see the benefits of single-sex education for girls. Discover three reasons why single-sex schools do a better job of preparing girls for life!

According to “Women Leadership and Twenty-First Century Challenges”, some of the world’s most effective leaders are women. The author cites a Northwestern University study that calls female leaders “transformational” because they use emotional support and “give and receive non-verbal cues” to boost performance. 

Today’s girls will undoubtedly step into positions of leadership as they mature, and they must be prepared to face emerging social, economic, and political challenges. 

As a parent, you can help prepare your daughter to lead with a single-sex education that gives her unique opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed. This article explores three benefits of single-sex education for girls:

  • A Safer Environment with Less Gender Stereotyping

  • Rigorous Courses that Meet the Students’ Needs & Interests

  • Visionary Role Models


The Benefits of Single-Sex Education for Girls

If your daughter is an avid reader, you might consider the benefits of single-sex education. If your daughter loves science, technology, engineering, and math, then you might want to consider the benefits of single-sex education. If your daughter aspires to own her own business or enter politics or shape culture through art, you might consider the benefits of single-sex education.

Our world is changing rapidly, and your daughter will likely seek employment in a field that doesn’t exist right now. The best way to prepare your daughter for the future is to give her an exceptional education in a setting that sparks her imagination. In a single-sex school, your daughter will find like-minded girls: students who think outside the box, girls who dare to be different, individuals who dream BIG.


Three Benefits of Single-Sex Education for Girls

  1. A Safer Environment with Less Gender Stereotyping

  • At a single-sex school, girls take more academic risks because they know their teachers and peers support their efforts. The atmosphere is safe and cooperative.

  • As a single-sex school, Marlborough urges the girls also take advantage of STEM classes. Our girls delve into biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. They study engineering. They build robots. They learn about astronomy and oceanography. They take computer science classes, write computer code and create video games. 

  • Marlborough also encourages our girls to participate in a wide range of sports. Our girls play water polo, lacrosse, tennis, basketball, golf, and soccer, just to name a few.

The benefits of single-sex education for girls is evident at Marlborough. We can build a girl’s confidence and emancipate her from frustrating gender stereotypes so she can discover who she really is.

  1. Rigorous Courses that Meet the Students’ Needs & Interests

  • Single-sex education for girls combines academic rigor with originality and grit. For instance, discussions in a single-sex classroom will differ from conversations in a coeducational setting. At a girls’ school, like Marlborough, the students state their opinion boldly, steer the discussion effortlessly, and learn to defend their beliefs. This empowers students, while fostering patience and resilience.

  • At Marlborough, girls see each other as allies, not competitors. As a result, they build strong, lasting friendships. They listen to each other and debate with conviction, purpose, and respect.

  • Marlborough’s teachers know the girls. Our educators know how young women process information, so they can present customized lessons.

  • The girls at Marlborough take Advanced Placement classes and other special courses, including Honors Humanities Seminar, Honors French Literature and Cinema, Honors Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations, and Honors Research in Science. These classes reward curiosity and diligence, helping the girls adapt to a changing world.

  • As a single-sex school, Marlborough also offers a unique Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, where girls work together to envision, develop, and promote real-world products and services. 

  • Many of Marlborough’s students express themselves through our exemplary performing and visual arts program. For instance, the girls can act, sing, dance, paint, sculpt, and tell stories through film and animation. If your daughter wants to design and build sets, she can. If she wants to try digital arts, she can. If your daughter is imaginative, we have several avenues of creativity she may pursue.

The benefits of single-sex education for girls abound. At Marlborough, girls can shoot for the moon because they believe they can hit the target.

  1. Visionary Role Models

  • “Women Leadership and Twenty-First Century Challenges” suggests that transformational leaders motivate everyone: the individual, the team, and the organization. For years, businesses have been promoting women who embrace collaborative models, consensus decision making, and employee empowerment. At a single-sex school, girls will see women who have already stepped into those transformational positions of power.

  • Marlborough has invited many influential women to address our students, including:

    • Nicole Duckett, General Counsel and Vice President of the LA Clippers

    • Jessica Levinson '98, American Law Professor at Loyola Law School, political commentator

    • Mindy Kaling, Actor, Writer, Producer, Director

    • Madame Gandhi, Artist, Activist, Musician

    • Jamie Tarses, first female president of ABC, and Channing Dungey, first African American president of the ABC Entertainment Group

    • Hoppy Price, Jet Propulsion Lab Engineer

    • Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State in the Clinton administration

A single-sex education gives girls an opportunity to interact with powerful women who have already achieved their goals and who continue to impact society.

Your Daughter & the Benefits of Single-Sex Education for Girls 

A single-sex education will provide your daughter with a more relevant, personalized experience than a coeducational school can offer. A single-sex school makes room for a girl’s voice and gives her a chance to shape the culture.

  • Your Daughter Can Find Her Voice

Unlike the coeducational classrooms, your daughter will not feel that she must earn the right to be heard. At a single-sex school like Marlborough, your daughter will work with peers. She will listen and share her ideas. Together, the girls will find their voice. At Marlborough, we believe that every girl’s voice matters.

  • Your Daughter Will Not Get Lost in the Crowd

At a single-sex school like Marlborough, classes are intimate. That means the classes are safe places. We encourage transparency and accountability. We will do our best to know your daughter and invest in your family.

  • Embracing Global Citizenship

Single-sex schools like Marlborough understand that students do not live in a bubble; they have a lifelong responsibility to improve society. Marlborough stresses character qualities, including leadership, respect, diversity, and inclusion. In fact, our mission statement says the Marlborough community enables each student to develop her fullest potential so that she may become an actively engaged global citizen.

Marlborough can help you determine what sort of education suits your daughter’s needs. We can equip you with facts as you research school options. In the end, we believe that you will agree that a single-sex education is healthier and more motivating for girls as they prepare for college and for twenty-first century professions.

Why Choose Marlborough?

Marlborough serves girls in grades 7 through 12. We are a private, college-preparatory secondary school, conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

Our goal is to ignite intellectual inquiry and to build the problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills that our students will need to innovate, invent, and lead in college and beyond.


Next Steps

If you want your daughter to become a curious, agile thinker, consider the benefits of single-sex education. Marlborough values diversity, equity, and solid academics.  We can help unleash your daughter’s potential with life-changing programs in a safe, inspiring environment.

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