Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Private School

Many parents have discovered the benefits of sending children to private school. Read six ways that private schools do an outstanding job of preparing students for college, career, and beyond!

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 56 million American students attend public, charter, and private schools. This number reflects the largest student population in our nation’s history. Despite a rising population, studies show that private, also known as independent, school enrollment has remained steady over the years. This article will explore six benefits of sending your child to private school:

  • Small Classes

  • Greater Parental Involvement

  • Academic Challenge

  • Freedom from Standardized Tests

  • Specialized Attention for Each Student

  • Student Driven Learning

Six Benefits of Sending Your Child to Private School

Deciding where to send your child to school is a family decision. Aside from cost and location, there are many important factors to consider, such as class size, academic program, safety, and opportunities for healthy socialization.

You might consider beginning with your family’s priorities and values. If your goal is a diploma, then nearly any school will do. However, if you want to surround your child with inquisitive peers and compassionate teachers, then attending private school makes sense. Here are the top six benefits that private school offer:

  1. Small Classes

One of the most important benefits of sending your child to private school is class size. Many public schools have large classes, even in their lower grades; the average class size is twenty-five students. By contrast, most private schools limit class size to 19 students or fewer.

Marlborough has a student-teacher ratio of 8:1, which means that the teacher knows your child.


  1. Greater Parental Involvement

Recent studies suggest that a private school provides a more positive educational experience because there is robust parental involvement.


  1. Academic Challenge

Another benefit of sending a child to private school is academic challenge. Private schools often exceed the state’s academic standards.

Marlborough combines challenging core classes with stimulating opportunities to apply and expand learning. For instance, Marlborough offers interdisciplinary courses in computer science and fine arts. We encourage students in our entrepreneurship program to conduct research, as well as develop and deliver viable business proposals. Students fuse math and logic with public speaking, reading, and writing.

At Marlborough, every course and program is designed to ignite intellectual curiosity and to build the skills that girls need to innovate, invent, and lead in college and beyond.


  1. Freedom from Standardized Tests

Across the nation, school administrators debate the efficacy of standardized testing. Yet, many states reward public schools with higher test scores, hoping to incentivize their teachers and redirect curricular policies.

Although some private schools administer certain standardized tests, they use the data for a different reason—to track student progress.

An important benefit of sending a child to private school is freedom from standardized tests. Marlborough does not “teach to a test.” Instead, our innovative curriculum inspires a love of learning and prepares our students to enter life with practical knowledge and confidence.


  1. Specialized Attention for Each Student

Marlborough believes that specialized attention means shaping the student as a whole person. While we offer additional academic support for students where necessary, we also host seminars to discuss topics crucial to adolescent development, including identity, personal values, decision-making, and conflict resolution. 


  1. Student Driven Learning

If you want your children to learn more about topics that interest them, then consider private school. 

At Marlborough, students guide the offering of Senior Class electives each year by identifying their areas of particular interest. Teachers then develop student-driven semester-long classes, with new options every year, like African-American Literature, Asian-American Literature, Latin American Literature, California in Literature, Gender and Sexuality, Bible as Literature, and 21st Century Novel.

Marlborough also offers one full-year senior elective called the Honors English Seminar, an application-based class in which students are introduced to college-level literary theory and research projects that are characteristic of upper division collegiate English writing.


Five Questions Parents Should Ask When Choosing a Private School

Whether your child is just starting the educational journey, or your child is transferring from another school, why not look at Marlborough? Private school might be a perfect fit. Take a moment and look at the questions below.


  1. What is the school’s reputation in the community?

The best private schools cooperate with community leaders, and Marlborough is no exception. For more than a century, Marlborough has been impacting society.

Marlborough’s Social Justice and Community Partnerships program has helped support student work with organizations like Para Los Niños, the Korean American Coalition, Children of the Night, and Proyecto Pastoral.


  1. How will the school help my child reach her educational goals?

Good private schools link academic challenge with imagination and invention. We believe that we are living in a time of unprecedented transformation, where 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 do not exist today.

Our teachers see themselves as mentors who partner with parents to empower students to achieve the impossible. We provide a world-class education with innovative classes like robotics, digital arts, environmental science, social psychology, and moral philosophy.

Marlborough also guides students and families through the college admissions process with personalized college counseling.


  1. Does the school offer varied, high-quality extracurricular activities?

As a parent, you should expect to attend a wide range of top-notch productions at a private school. You should see student artwork on display. You should hear about clubs and school-sponsored activities. You should be able to watch your child compete in athletics.

Marlborough’s students express their creativity through dance, acting and theatrical stagecraft, filmmaking, choral and instrumental music, photography, drawing, painting, ceramics, and architecture.

Our student athletes participate in many sports: basketball, cross country, lacrosse, tennis, water polo, track and field, kickboxing, and yoga.

And there are over 50 student-led clubs on campus!


  1. Which support services does the school provide?

The Marlborough faculty and staff take very seriously their role in providing a safe and supportive environment in which students learn and lead each day. Those involved in nurturing a student’s academic goals, health, and well-being (parents, teachers, psychologists, and administrators) work as a team, together with the student, when questions or problems arise. Beyond that network of trusted adults, Marlborough also provides a number of resources to support students during difficult and challenging times, including school psychologists and a peer support group. 


  1. What was my impression of the school when I visited?

Many private schools take pride in their facilities, and they work hard to create a safe, welcoming environment.

When you visit Marlborough, you will notice the attention to detail throughout the campus. The classrooms are bright, spacious, and modern. The performance stage and art studios are well equipped, while our computer and science labs house up-to-date equipment.

Students have ample room to study and mingle in the Academic Resource Center.


Why Marlborough?

Marlborough serves girls in grades 7 through 12. We are a private, college-preparatory secondary school, conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to empower each student to develop her fullest potential so that she may become an actively engaged global citizen.

Next Steps

If you want to give your daughter a private school education that values diversity, equity, and academics, consider Marlborough. We can help unleash her potential with life-changing programs in a safe, inspiring environment.

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