What Makes a Girls Private Middle School Special?

Should your daughter attend a girls' middle school? Discover four reasons why parents are choosing single-sex education to prepare their girls for college!

As we prepare girls to become influential contributors and leaders in our world, private girls’ education is more important today than ever before. In that environment, girls are encouraged and empowered to speak their minds and take risks, which are especially critical skills to develop during their middle school years as they begin to envision what their futures hold. 

This article will discuss four advantages of single-sex education:

  • More diversity

  • More equity

  • More inclusion

  • Superior academic program


For many adolescents, "middle school" means "change." They must leave the familiarity of elementary school and enter "big school," where the classes are longer, harder, and bigger. 

According to Psychology Today, a record number of middle schoolers are battling anxiety because they want "to be socially engaged and accepted"; many of them worry about failure, rejection, and safety.

Middle school IS a time of change: Hormones are kicking in. Growth spurts can interrupt normal sleep habits. Emotions can swing wildly from moment to moment—especially when students perceive their worth in terms of popularity or conformity.

Despite the challenges, middle school girls have a unique opportunity to "test their wings" as they mature intellectually. 

Today's teenagers see women in places of responsibility all around them: as doctors, lawyers, politicians, university presidents, and corporate CEOs. As a result, girls are gravitating to areas of study that males once dominated, including physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, robotics, and entrepreneurship.

As women have stepped into new, more authoritative roles, the global job market has experienced a seismic shift because of technology. 

Many jobs that we rely on today will not exist tomorrow. In their place, new professions will emerge, demanding new skills and new vision. 

Today's middle school girls must become flexible, resilient thinkers— and a private, girls' education can help.



  • Middle schoolers need a wide range of friendships, and a private girls' school can provide a safe environment for young women to meet people from across the globe with varied backgrounds and life experiences.

  • Students learn to appreciate differences as they begin to dismantle harmful or outdated stereotypes.


  • Girls in a private, single-sex school tend to take more challenging classes. Increasingly, girls in private middle schools are signing up for courses like earth science and biology, robotics, coding and interactive technology, communication and design and debate. Overwhelmingly, the girls say they feel empowered to learn.

  • A girls' private school promotes leadership and gives girls a chance to innovate. Girls set an example for their peers, and they see each other as allies, not competitors.

  • Many girls also find the confidence to compete in athletics for the first time inmiddle school. They do not worry about "social status"; instead, they begin to take risks that lead to personal growth.


  • Most private schools are smaller than public schools, which means that there are more occasions to create and sustain a sense of community. At a girls' middle school, the students have time to build relationships in an environment that rewards cooperation and teamwork.


  • Private girls’ schools often offer a low teacher-student ratio, allowing students to benefit from individualized instruction.

  • At a private girls' middle school, students can take classes that foster creativity and innovation because there is often more funding and parental support.

  • The teachers at a girls' middle school see themselves as role models and mentors. They understand that their students are society's next leaders.

Why Choose Marlborough

Marlborough is a private, college-preparatory secondary school, serving girls in grades 7 through 12. We are conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

Our middle school includes grades 7 through 9. In addition to our core curriculum, we offer classes in coding, debate, entrepreneurship, digital citizenship, digital sound and music, playwriting, and animation—all of which prepare our middle school students for success in our high school.

We have prepared many young women to enter the world of business and finance, politics, and public service. Our graduates often say that they chose these career paths because they saw resourceful women in positions of leadership in the school.

Next Steps

If you want to give your daughter an education that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and academics, consider Marlborough. We can help unleash her potential with life-changing programs in a safe, inspiring environment.

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