Behind the Zoom: A Story in Photos

Behind the Zoom: A Story in Photos

Our teachers got creative, finding ways to have meaningful and connected classroom experiences despite teaching from home. 

Behind the Zoom: A Story in Photos
Brett Quimby works at home with his daughter climbing on his chair

"I think I will look back at this time with a mixture of devastation, gratitude, and awe. Devastation by the lives lost and the worlds upended, gratitude for my health and survival: I was lucky, a luck that stems from my privilege and resources. I can look back and remember the mornings on my front porch reading to my daughter over hot chocolate. I'll never forget this time, for sure It has revealed so much about our world, with all its glory and ugliness, all its division and need for connection and care. I am in awe of our collective resiliency, and our willingness to connect."

-Brett Quimby, English Instructor and Dean of Student Life


Lee Hamill teaches from a classroom via zoom
Lee Hamill teaches robotics on campus

"Above all, this year taught me that creative solutions can always be found that allow us to have meaningful experiences in the classroom and in extracurricular programs. However, getting to have some on-campus interaction with robotics definitely made me look forward to the day when we would all be back on campus together!"

-Dr. Lee Hamill Mirsky, Science Instructor 

Mpambo Wina teaches ballet from her living room using zoom
Mpambo Wina teaches dance via zoom in her living room


"Teaching virtually has taught me so much not only as an educator, but as a human being. As we became less bound to the outside world, time seemed to slow down, giving me the opportunity to look at my syllabus anew and to be more intentional about how I could connect more with my students.

I am so very very proud of my students. They have soldiered on and shifted their expectations of how they can continue to be present, and even on days where they missed their friends and our incredible community, they showed up every day and did the work. This has shown me day after day that they love to learn!"

-Mpambo Wina, Performing Arts Department Head


Andrea Fuentes teaches spanish from her garage
A portrait of Andrea Fuentes in her garage teaching space

"This past year our lives and day-to-day routines were turned upside down. I didn't realize how hectic my life was until it all came to a screeching halt. In this time I learned that it's ok to slow down. It's ok to accept that not everything will go as planned and to let go of the things that are beyond our control. I"m hopeful that these life lessons will stay with me as our community begins to open back up."

-Andrea Fuentes, Spanish and French Instructor

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