Students Earn 62 Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Each year, the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognize student work based on originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal vision or voice.

This year, Marlborough students earned 54 Regional Art Awards and eight Regional Writing Awards. 

Writing Awards

Gold Key:
Dorrit C. '19, Journalism

Silver Key:
Emma A.-A. '19, Critical Essay
Samantha C. '20, Poetry and Science Fiction/Fantasy
Peyton J. '20, Poetry

Honorable Mention:
Isabelle S. '21, Poetry
India T. '20, Journalism and Personal Essay/Memoir

Art Awards

Gold Key:
Mira C. '20, Digital Art
Samantha C. '20, Drawing and Illustration
Blanca D. '20, Digital Art
Adeline G. '21, Architecture & Industrial Design
Emily H. '20, Photography
Eliza L. '24, Architecture & Industrial Design
Zoe L. '19, Digital Art
Francoise M. '21, Architecture & Industrial Design
Parker M. '20, Photography
Athena S. '23, Architecture & Industrial Design

Silver Key: 
Eleanor B.'21, Photography
Olivia B. '23, Architecture & Industrial Design
Sophia C. '19, Photography
Dorrit C. '19, Photography
Julia E. '20, Photography
Delilah F. '21, Photography
Emily H. '20, Photography
Alexis K.-P. '19, Architecture & Industrial Design
Alex L. '19, Architecture & Industrial Design
Zoe L. '19, Art Portfolio
Alice M. '19, Digital Art and Photography (2 entries)
Anjali M. '21, Photography
Parker M. '20, Photography
Kendra M. '20, Digital Art
Charlotte M. '21, Mixed Media
Madeleine Q. '23, Architecture & Industrial Design
Tiffany T. '23, Printmaking
Kate Y. '21, Photography
Eliza Z. '19, Photography

Honorable Mention: 
Alexandria B. '19, Art Portfolio
Gabrielle C. '20, Drawing and Illustration
Dorrit C. '19, Digital Art
Blanca D. '20, Photography
Sophie D.-K. '20, Photography
Alix E. '23, Drawing and Illustration
Chloe E. '21, Architecture & Industrial Design
Chloe K. '19, Painting
Kyra K. '19, Digital Art (6 entries)
Mira K. '21, Photography
Zoe L. '19, Digital Art (3 entries)
Candace M. '21, Digital Art
Alice M. '19, Photography
Judith N. '21, Printmaking
Riley S. '20, Drawing and Illustration
Eliza Z. '19, Photography

Congratulations to all of our talented students!

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